Pioneer Digital DJ We-GO2 Controller Announced


The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 builds on the consumer-focused DDJ-WeGO by adding a handle/iDevice stand and tighter integration with iOS.

Pioneer has announced the Digital DJ-WeGO2, an update to the DDJ-WeGO that's been designed to work directly with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Users can download Algoriddim's djay 2 LE from the Apple App Store to use the unit right out of the box, but the DDJ-WeGO2 also works with traditional laptop software such as Virtual DJ, the LE version of which is also included in the box.

The DDJ-WeGO2 inherits the features of the original DDJ-WeGO, with its easy to use effects and sample mappings, and those love 'em / hate 'em pulsing lights on the jogwheels. It now has a handle/grip on the back that doubles up as a stand, so the iDevice can sit behind the controller without the need for a separate stand. While it has a built-in sound card, it can also use the iDevice's speaker if you want to DJ without any external speakers.

Just as the original DJD-WeGO was aimed squarely at consumers rather than pro DJs, so is this: It's available in three colours, for instance, and the styling is clearly more "house party" than "DJ booth".

DDJ-WeGO2 grip

The new handle at the back of the unit also doubles up as an iDevice stand.

But its slicker integration with iOS (it appears to use a standard Lightning connector) makes it a compelling gateway to the world of DJing, and if it's as much fun to use as the original DDJ-WeGO (we particularly like the jogwheel effects), Pioneer probably has a winner on its hand for this sector of the market.

• Want to know more? Head over to read the official press release or watch Pioneer's product demo video.

What do you think? Are you excited by these consumer-focused entry level controllers, or do you think they're not for serious DJing? Do you like the iOS integration (physically and software-wise) here? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. DJ SpecializED says:

    Wow this would be a great back up unit or sonething to tuck in the back pack!

    • Well I've got some native instruments stuff I use with traktor, so traktor dj on the ipad and iPhone as backup and double backup pretty much have me covered, especially since a z1 will not only work for that ipad/iPhone backup/minimal set, it also can plug right into the lappy with the x1 while the ipad covers lemur duties;)
      However, much as playing an instrument isn't just for pro musicians, why should pro dj's get all the fun?

  2. Shishdisma says:

    Ive always been amazed by the fact that the WeGo is more robustly built than literally every piece of digital gear Numark has ever built. Cool incremental step for it!

  3. Numark NS6 is built like a tank..

  4. whether its house parties or dj booth's, the only determining factor that something is "fit" for use in either are people's attitudes.
    nothing more, nothing less.
    because its not what ur using, its how you use it.

    any controller can be fit for a dj booth, even a gemini first mix.
    its all in people's attitudes toward the gear. which is all visual.

    If it doesnt look kool enough, it wont be considered pro; if it doesnt have every booth output, multi channel control, line input, blah blah blah.
    Give a pro dj a rock, and he can still dj like a pro........give a half-wit turntables and he will noodle as such. i think i've made my point.

  5. True Jason,
    There is just too much focus on software and hardware these days and not enough focus on the skills and the music!

  6. Does this unit also charge the iPad too? Can't seem to find out if it does

  7. If this thing actually gets released and is compatible with other tablets and not just apple ones it has the potential to be the best selling controller for beginners and house party DJs.

  8. I would be good if it does charge the idevice. Cuz am not sure when the numark idj flex is coming out

  9. Does anyone know if it work with Serato DJ like the first generation Wego?

  10. mynameisbrent says:

    Was considering getting a WeGO as a quick backup controller. For the price, it's a surprisingly good piece of kit! Glad to see that Pioneer has recognized it's potential and is improving on it. Well done!

  11. It looks like (yes I'm dating myself) a Speak-N-Spell.

  12. Sorry for bump but it has to be said...When are they gonna take care of their high end products. There are tons of people complaining and there are many issues that are not taken care of by this company and they go releasing a product like this. This moneymaking mindset has to stop. Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining on this product it's pioneers direction.

  13. Checked Pioneer links above and online, but can't find mention of a price. Any idea?

  14. Can you fit an ipad with a hard case or do you absolutely have to take the ipad out of the case to use the stand? Probably the most fragile part of the system is the ipad itself...

  15. Well I just find out that it does not charge the ipad. And it don't take a ac cord to power it up. It only power up threw the ipad. Guess I wait for the numark idj flex. Just wanted to share that with everyone.

  16. DJ Juwansome says:

    Already using Djay 2 for iPad with Numark Mixtrack II, sampler and all... No it doesn't charge the iPad, but I don't plan on DJing for 10 hours straight!

  17. Dude this thing looks BAD ASS! Can't wait to check it out.

  18. The unit looks pretty cool for garden parties or spontaneous Events out in the open, which will often last 6-10 hours and more, so if the iPad will not be charged meanwhile, it can't be used. I like the look and the option to connect a mic on it, but if it's not being charged it's not on my list. Which is a shame...

  19. Confirmed: "iPad/iPod CAN'T be charged during use." (bottom of page 8 in manual)

  20. I'm also not sure if it is compatible with older generation iPads/iPhones as it only has a fire wire connection and says it doesn't support other iPads on its FAQ section.... Does anyone know I've this is true?

  21. Black one doesn't work with OS 7.0.4. Disappointed. Pioneer is aware of the issues with certain serial #s. I'm a tad bit annoyed that I have to return it and order a red one to get it to work.

  22. Hello Phil, Did you ever do a review on this with Djay 2 ?

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