Win DJ Gear In Our Reader Survey 2013


Have your say and have a chance of winning one of these great prizes, courtesy of Native Instruments....

Have your say! It's that time of year again when we ask you all about your DJing: What gear you use, what music you love, where you play, what your aspirations are. All of this stuff helps us keep Digital DJ Tips as relevant as we can for you. Once again we've teamed up with Native Instruments for this year's survey, who have donated some great prizes for a free draw. All you need to do to enter is complete the survey before August 31: Click here to begin, or read on for details of the prizes...

The prizes

  • First prize: Traktor Kontrol S4 & Traktor Kontrol F1
  • Second prize x 2: Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2
  • Third prize x 2: Traktor Kontrol F1
  • Fourth prize x 2: Traktor Kontrol Z1
  • Fifth prize x 2: Traktor Audio 2

The winners will be drawn at the beginning of September and announced here on Digital DJ Tips. Once again, here's the link to take the survey. Remember to complete it by August 31 to have a chance of winning! Digital DJ Tips 2013 Reader Survey.



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  1. I'm excited! I'm a huge fan of Native Instruments and I thought that was a good survey. I'm the kind of person that gets excited just talking about DJ-ing because the music just starts playing in my head! Good luck to all who enter!

  2. ForcedHand says:

    I think I want whatever it is they're releasing soon... (heh) They probably learned not to do another F1 lockout. :)

  3. Have always been curious about switching to Traktor, currently on a vestal vci 300 MKII now, so I'm kinda stuck with Itch. Good luck to all who enter!

    Cheers from Denmark

    • Cheers Bro 😀 I'm visiting Denmark atm and I must say it's beautiful. I know this is irrelevant to the current page but hey just felt like dropping by, say Hi. (A)

  4. *vestax

  5. Dope. I've always been a Serato DJ so using NI gear would be interesting. The only other time I've really used Traktor was when I first started digital DJ'ing with my laptop only lol

  6. Mr stifffy says:

    Hopefully this will make up for my recent birthday everyone forgot lol *pray* in all honesty I would rather see it go to someone who is getting into djing but doesn't have the funds to get gear... I already have gear despite it being old, it still works.

  7. Mauri Moore says:

    where is Progressive house ?
    you have deep house , tech house and not Progressive ?

  8. My iPhone is not supported?!

  9. This was probably one of the best survey's I've answered! Good Luck to everyone!

  10. Dj Baapre B says:

    Hmmzzz, can't take the survey with my iphone..

  11. Mr A.M.G. says:

    Fingers crossed, good luck everyone :-)

  12. DonJuandaDJ says:

    Im just happy to see digital deejaying breaking barriers against all critics who do not the real purpose of deejaying, and that's to make people happy through music(-:

  13. Remember to publish the results, and do graphs by country etc etc!

  14. Is it the same survey as launched on djworx ?

  15. I'm just happy to see Digital Deejaying breacking barriers against all the criticism out there by people who don't understand what deejaying is all about, and that is making people happy through music. If you are a DJ using digital setup and getting criticized for it,just kill them with the killer sets.

  16. Is it going to be shipped to India too? :)

  17. Decent survey, for once a survey that didn't have me binning it half way through.

  18. IPad not supported...try again tomorrow om my MacBook...

  19. Hopefully I'll win the Z1. Love that thing. I really don't need the S2 that much, even though I'd come in handy. Anyway, as long as I win something 😛

  20. Personally im not Digital yet . However i have several large events in Europe Starting November . The client will ship out whatever i want all expenses paid flights the lot . sounds cool . however i have thousands of CDs and im thinking maybe its time for me to take the plunge . lol yea about time . But Also its for my radio station im Building bla bla bla . its scary but i have made my mind up . and when i make my mind up im like a train . Thats how i roll

  21. Joshua Spurlock says:

    This is very exciting! I feel good about this. I have a cheap USB mixer right now, but a professional one would be amazing. That controller looks really intimidating though.

    I don't think I need this as much as the other fellows here solely because I'm not doing this for money, but I hope that it goes to someone who can really do some good with them 😀

  22. Fingers Crossed,i'd love to get even the audio 2.It'd mean i wouldn't have to take out a loan again for a sound card and could get away from splitter cables.

  23. DJ SpecializED says:

    Crossing my fingers! Most surveys drive me bonkers but this one seems well thought out!

  24. Great survey only question that bugged me was the budget we have yearly for our DJing.There should have been an option of less then 100$,as i barely have about 20-30$ a year to spend on DJing,everything else goes towards keeping my self alive in an economy that's slowly chocking it self to death.

    • Hear ya! And its kind of a weird question as in, you might easily spend more than 500$ on a year when you dont have any gear and then the next year, since you are all geared-up you spend nada. I mean, its not a per-year thing this whole gear budget - its according to one's needs.

  25. Same as on DJ Worx site? Do you share the results?

  26. Great! This is good news!!
    I'll be happy with X1 mk2. (^_^)

  27. finger crossed new to this would love a new setup and excellent survey

  28. Lulluvile says:

    Good to see that digital dj tips is giving away such fine pieces of art, good luck to all of you who did the survey, and to who ever wins please do enjoy it.

    yours in entertainment

  29. Playmochi says:

    Heck yeah, I love entering these kinds of contests. Thanks DDTips!

  30. Oh man, I realllllly need that Z1!!!!! :-)

  31. Steve (k-rex) says:

    Seems that both this site and djworx have contracted with Research Now to do a survey, and Research Now is using exactly the same survey for both sites. Seems a little, I dunno, creepy.

  32. Come on lady luck, daddy needs new controllers!

    Nice survey by the way. Did not feel like a chore, and questions made me think a bit :)

  33. flomotion says:

    I think the country selection list shows the number of DDJT readers.

    Germany <- yeah

    That´s nice or just a coincidence because NI coming from Berlin ?

  34. DJ Baapre B says:

    gotta have it [scratch], gotta [scratch] gotta have it
    [scratch, scratch] [effect] - loop

  35. Great survey! Had me taken back long before I started mixing!

  36. The Pierce says:

    My first time to DJ was on my brother's controller and I absolutely loved it. Been DJing ever since. Anywho, nice survey btw, I rather enjoyed filling it out. Quite excited about the lucky draw, good luck to everybody 😉

  37. without digital dj tips, i wouldnt have the confidence to push forward with my learning. thank you Phil!

  38. Jon O'Sullivan says:

    Wow. Good luck to everyone entering! May the odds be ever in your favor! Lol. An awesome survey for a website that has helped and inspired many with the tips, tricks, news and product reviews. This website has changed my look at Djing and Production. Thank you ,

    cheers -Jon

  39. I really hope I win the S4. I've been DJ'ing for 3 years now with a key board and mouse. I've never owned DJ equipment.

  40. DJ Richard says:

    This survey seems to be identical to the one that DJWORX just launched. Amazing coincidence, same survey or plagiarism?

  41. i always been a fan of the Traktor Kontrol S4 such a perfect setup for beginners and not hard to use at all, now this is a chance to win one and i am really excited for this draw thanks to digital dj tips for doing this and pushing everyone forward.

  42. Anyone who thinks "I won't enter, I won't win" discard that thought as I am proof that normal (?) people win these things.

    I won it after filling in last years survey and received a Traktor S4 and a pair of Stanton turntables.

    Hope this encourages any doubters to give it a go.

  43. DJ No Future . Taiko says:

    I wish i could be able to win this , i have no money to spend on gear and i want to move on with club DJ´ing so i can make a living out of it :)

  44. DJ-Storme says:

    Great survey! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  45. I think its great that you guys are trying to learn more about your readers and I must say you've chosen some very enticing prizes. One thing though, your survey did not list the genres of Moombahton or Trap which are both huge and growing rapidly. Although they are relatively new, so is Dubstep and that was listed as a genre. I'm curious if anyone else was surprised these were left out...

  46. Looking good! Excited about prices, would make a terrific addition to current setup of mine. G'luck all respondents!

  47. i really enjoyed answering those questions as am still a student in grade nine and looking forward to be working in the music industry. am glad, thank you digital dj ur the best

  48. i was looking to add a F1 to my hardware, maybe i can win it here and use the money i saved to buy more music, because you cant ever have too much music 😛

  49. Though I own a Numark Mixtrack Pro (can I say that), I've always had my heart set on the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 every since I starting researching controllers. The obsession is so strong with me that have the S4 as my background image on Facebook ( I would love to make this a reality.

  50. So excited for this, when are results being posted?

  51. Hello, when will the results be posted?

  52. Jon O'Sullivan says:

    Phill, just since everyone is asking, are the results being put up as their own post or as a comment to this post?

  53. Jon O'Sullivan says:

    Did these results get posted yet? I'm stoked with all the gear coming out!

  54. Did anyone win?

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