Friday Roundup: How I Survived America's First-Ever Rave Tour


Those who think Paris Hilton will kill Ibiza with her residency at Amnesia this summer have got short memories, argues one of our featured articles this week.

What with new staff members to train, another full section of the Digital DJ Masterclass finished, and rapidly approaching summer holidays (yes, we take breaks too...), we've been flat out here this week! But that didn't stop us following with interest the developing Paris Hilton story, smiling from ear to ear at an excellent article about the first rave tour of the USA, and enjoying some great pictures of the silliest turntables you'll ever likely see. It's all in the Friday Roundup....

  1. How I Survived America's First-Ever Rave Tour - If you thought EDM was year zero for raving in America, here's an eye-opener for you: The story of a writer for Australia's In The Mix, who found himself enlisted in Moby's band, touring the States way back in 1993… Read more
  2. Why Paris Hilton Won't Ruin Ibiza - With all the uproar about Paris Hilton landing a residence at Amnesia in Ibiza for this summer, Ben Gomori at advises calm and caution…Read more
  3. Spotted: 7" Technics SL-700 Turntable In The Wild! - Our friends over at DJWorx have some amazing pictures of a little pair of 7" turntables… probably the most impractical yet loveable item we've seen all year Read more

Do you remember raving before, well, EDM? Do you agree that Ibiza needs to stay calm and carry on? And are you now hankering after 7" Technics? Let us know your thoughts below...

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  1. Regarding the Paris article I say this. I never had any problems with her entering the DJ field. More power to her. People complaining about her annoy me the most. I've seen this elitist attitude in poetry, photography and DJing. Some folks behave as if their field is only for a chosen few. Get over it. Do like the article says. If you don't like the woman, just don't attend her nights. Spend more time dancing. Or do I like do, spend more time drinking booze and watching the young ladies shake some booty.

    • For all the aspiring DJ's out there this is how you get booked at the big clubs, become a "CELEBRITY"

    • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

      I think nobody would mind if she was actually any good.

      But since it is (painfully) clear she's not doing anything but mimic DJ-ing to prerecorded sets ... need I say more.

      And if you are an aspiring DJ, sweating it hour after hour getting skills down, collecting just the right kind of library together, beating down every possible door you can trying to get a shot at showing your skills, I can understand how someone getting the limelight like this JUST because she is a famous person (that already has everything any human being could possibly want, apart from a life that is) could seriously tick all the right/wrong boxes for you.

      Personally I couldn't care less. I am not going to Ibiza anyway, so not my party she is ruining. And if the people pre-recording her shit are any good, I would just close my eyes and pretend someone else is up there :-).

      I am all for the booze and watching women though!


  2. Also this week...James Palumbo (Ministry of Sound head honcho) became a Liberal Democrat Peer in the UK House of Lords.

  3. ForcedHand says:

    I very much remember raving when it was Techno on vinyl played on Technics. Generally speaking, the music was good until it became overly repetitive, the scene was good too until the gangsta' rapers (yes I meant 'rapers' started thuggish their way around raves and raping little girls high on 'e'. People were a lot more creative and accepting than they are now as well.

    I think it's easier to get into making music now, but the cliques are killing the creativity. There's way too much of the closed-minded, aggressively hostile to anything that's not in the narrow niche that "scenesters" are waving their own banners for. PLUR used to be something people genuinely practiced, not something people make fun of to act superior.

    Things weren't perfect, but when the music was going, people just seemed to make things work, unlike the odd "crowd peel" today...

  4. I made the spiel on the Paris Hilton article that if folks want to see Hilton fail, then don't show up. If the club is empty, then all the celebrity in the world won't make them continue it. Not when they're losing money.

    I also mentioned how Amnesia's brand is of a music powerhouse, and like it or not, people come to see the top DJs in that environment way more than anything. I stated that Hilton, a rank amateur, getting a residency for her celebrity is a slap in the face of every talented DJ out there who dreams of playing there...and it perpetuates the notion that talent should be less focused on over popularity.

    Don't get me wrong, I stated before it's a big popularity contest...but Hilton's residency will only drive more to make a sex tape or get into the tabloids (and make sure it's mentioned they are DJs) over learning skills and finding great music to play.

    • And 1993 was a great time in raving. It was not only when we saw global acts really rise, but also witnessed the house and techno sound explode into trance, drum & bass, jungle, etc.

      I'll never forget those days when I started DJing.

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        I'll never forget those days either ... Saturday Night Fever just featured, The BeeGees, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and Tina Charles were hot. I mean, how could you not fall in love with Disco Inferno, You Should Be Dancing and Love Bug?

        Ah ... where did the music go ...

        Just kidding, guys!


      • I just remember going to raves IN the City of Chicago, before City Hall came down on it all and drove everyone to the rural areas.

        I also remember the music. The hoover-centric stuff, the birth of using breakbeats to create new forms of music, and let us not forget when everyone started tossing anything they could think of to a rave techno beat, like the theme to Sesame Street.

        It was just fun...but it's probably also special to me because I was 20 and watching new things happen.

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