Friday Roundup: DJing, 10 Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

DJ error

Can you spot the obvious error in this guy's DJing technique? We've got a list of ten reasons why your DJing may need an overhaul as one of our posts in this week's Roundup...

We've found 50 DJs over the age of 50 who are still rocking it (we agree with about 45 of them), a tongue-in-cheek list of DJ errors, and a geeky but totally useful video on the right way to look after your audio cables. It's all in the Friday Roundup...

  1. DJing: 10 Signs You're Doing It Wrong - A tongue-in-cheek pictorial list of ten clues that maybe your DJing needs a rethink, as seen on In The Mix Read more
  2. 50 DJs Over 50 Who Are Killing It - Life begins at 50 for this collection of quality DJs for whom age is not a factor, found on the Societe Perrier website Read more
  3. How To Coil A Cable (video) - It does what it says on the tin, with two methods for coiling audio cables that'll impress your friends, from the London School Of Sound YouTube channel Watch it

What do you think of the names on the "50 DJs" list? And how do you coil your cables? Share your thoughts on any of these stories in the comments below...

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  1. DJ Ben Blayton says:

    Since you have 5 slots that you don't agree with. I would highly recommend Derrick May Wayne Davis Sam Burns and Thommy Davis in that group.

  2. Ah, Fatboy Slim hit the 50 mark. Dude is still one of my favorites to listen. Never gets old.

    And the coil techniques... THANKS! Holy smokes, thanks.

  3. There are several errors in the photo above if the guy is supposed to be DJing: There are no records or slipmats on the decks so he's not even manipulating anything, and the tone arm has no stylus or cartridge installed to play on a record. I can't see a mixer either but it could be out of view as part of a four-deck setup. If I were him I'd stop pretending to DJ and have a chat with the girl who's come to say hello.

  4. I think we get it that there are people who don't get what DJing is all about, but making fun of other people because they don't get it doesn't make us any better, it just means we're elitist jerks. I guess some people are coming to the rationalization they will never be any good so they have to rip on others to make them feel good about themselves.

  5. That cable coiling video should be required viewing for all DJs, as well as anyone who wants to work in anything having to do with audio at all.

    I worked in a studio that played host to alot of sound classes at a local university. The kids who came in were great, but they generally left horrible piles of unwrapped cables in their wake. One of my coworkers took pictures of the piles and titled them "XLRU Kidding Me" which we thought was brilliant.

    Also, having worked in a studio, I now compulsively wrap every cable I own, many of which are not long enough to merit such treatment. Damn you, OCD.

  6. Warning: the video for number 2 in the '10 signs you're doing it wrong' clip is the cheesiest piece of europop I have heard since the Vengaboys. Listen and watch at your peril.

  7. I am a 14 year old beginner DJ trying to book my first major gig as a homecoming DJ. I have been mixing since age 8. (Technics) I am planning on using my iPad running Traktor DJ because i won't really need to do any "hardcore" mixing, mostly just transitions and EQ, maybe a few FX. However, I will be using a Z1 most likely. Is this advisable? If so, what advice would you have for me?

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