Friday Roundup: How To Make A Living In Electronic Music Without Being A Famous DJ / Producer

Morning Glory

Morning Glory... Wednesday mornings will never be the same again for a group of Londoners who've swapped the gym for a bizarre rave...

We've been filming manual beatmatching tutorials this week as part of the forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass, and frankly our studio with all its lights is no place to be when it's baking summer outside! Out of the studio though, we've been keeping an eye on the DJ/music industry wires as ever, and it looks like it's not just us the heat's got to, either: We've got Tiesto going deep house, and Londoners raving on Wednesday mornings before work! Take a look...

  1. How To Make A Living In Electronic Music Without Being A Famous DJ / Producer - You don't have to score Beatport hits and get an international DJ career to make a living out of what you love, as this story from Dubspot shows Read more
  2. Tiësto Launches New Radio Show For “Deep And Warm” House - Hot on the heels of the Digital DJ Tips discussion about whether or not it's possible to me a "multi-genre DJ", Tiesto drops a radio show that showcases a new direction for him, as reported by In The Mix Read more
  3. How A Morning Rave Could Replace A Workout At The Gym - Tiesto playing deep house? Middle aged office workers raving on a Wednesday morning? Is the world turning upside down? Watch this BBC video, and decide for yourself… Read more
  4. Map Flux Mode To Your Traktor Controller - The Trakor Tips website shows you how to map Traktor 2.6's new Flux mode to the Kontrol S4 or other DJ controllers Read more

Would you consider replacing your gym session with a rave? Have you got evidence of other superstar DJs deviating from the music that made them famous? Let us know in the comments...

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  1. I would be less bothered about Tiesto experimenting with other genres if he didn't just jump on the bandwagon and go to the current 'cool genre' of deep house, like he did when he ditched trance for progressive house a few years ago.

  2. My thoughts:

    ARTICLE 1: Totally agree. It's like in web design when I meet guys who never do freelance work, but they make and sell templates for the top CMS's. One could do teaching, make stock audio, etc.

    ARTICLE 2: Listened to some of the tunes on that playlist. Not my idea of "deep and warm vocal house", but that's really more a question of taste. I won't fault Tiesto for trying to push that one doesn't have to be a one-trick pony. Lord knows how many times I grew frustrated when people only thought of me as just a trance DJ, when I've been playing deep house for much longer.

    I say break the stereotypes and redefine what it means to be a DJ.

    ARTICLE 3: Pretty cool. I'm unfortunately not one to work out in the morning. Still, anything that breaks up the normal routines of life is a good thing.

  3. He was (is) a good DJ. Had an old trance cd of his and he slammed it! Maybe he's had enough of hollow, empty and vacuous fan-boys! Even with 25 million a year I would feel pretty dispirited playing that soul-less stuff he plays! Who knows, maybe he'll be slamming it at Fabric soon!

    • True. I remember the Beatles got off the road because they were tired of stadiums of screaming girls and not much musical growth. They made Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band shortly after.

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