The One Launched For Mac OS X: Free Trial Available

The One

You can now download a trial version of new DJ software The One for Mac OS X.

Modular DJ software The One has been updated, and is now available for OS X as well as for PC. The new One DJ Core Edition includes new zplane beat detection, syncing fixes, library improvements, better stability and performance, timeline export to WAV, new mappings, layout fixes and more.

The One is a modular DJ software system that lets you cut and paste audio on the fly, pre-plan mixes ahead of time, and DJ the "normal" way as you wish. Generally well received at its launch, it was criticised for launching without a Mac version, Mac being used by a disproportionately high number of musicians and DJs over the Windows platform. that has now been corrected with this release.

You can download a free trial of the software for either Mac or PC by visiting this page.

Have you tried The One for either PC or Mac? What did you think of it? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Is there any Option for mapping MIDI-Outs? With the Not-Core-Version there wasen´t any Option like that, so no button was lighted or anything. And a Controller, that gives no visual feedback to his user is a no-go...

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  3. I certainly think this software will help people see the need for more than 4 deck control at one time, but more than that... what "deck control" means. If we can change the way we think about what 2 (or 4) deck control means, we may choose to interface with music elements differently now that control modules don't have to address a deck in a traditional fashion anymore.

    I liken this software's approach to "psychotropic drugs for the mind", challenging our approach to real-time, media element, control and helping us see beyond the traditional means of doing things. Hardware controllers have been hinting at advanced methods of use and now the question is being firmly asked: "Should a controller continue to use traditional means of interaction with news bells and whistles, has it come time to re-think how operators interact with real-time media presentation, something in the middle, something completely different?"

  4. Just tried the demo........ absolutely terrible!
    Buggy as hell, latency horrid & sound quality is the worst I've ever heard (constant distortion). All of this & I haven't even connected a controller yet.
    I'm using a macbook pro 2.66 core II duo. 8gb ram. 320gb solid state drive & 750gb 7200rpm hdd (in optical bay). Sorry to say...... Def not ready to be sold yet.

    • I didn't have any latency issues on my external or internal sound card (I tried two), but I did have distortion issues now and again when pitch-lock was active. On one occasion I even had the bass of a track playing earlier than the mids and treble! Sounded awful.

      I'm sticking with M-Audio Torq for now. If Serato DJ eventually supports my controller, I'll consider switching to that.

      Dear Serato: it took me three days to map my controller to Torq reasonably well, with lights, scratching and four-deck control - what on earth is taking you so long!?

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