Friday Roundup: September 20 2013

Markus Schulz

'Don’t just do what everyone else is doing, do it your own way. That was probably one of the most important things when I was coming up...' - Markus Shulz imparts the wisdom in one of our featured posts this week.

In case you've been under a rock, we've spent most of the past week at the BPM Show in Birmingham, England, bringing you the web's most thorough coverage of the DJ side of the event. But there's a world outside of all of that, so this week we've got a great article from German trance DJ Markus Schulz on the DJ industry, a novel way DJing is helping the homeless.... and Amazon's biggest-selling vinyl record since 1999.

  1. Amazon's Highest Selling Vinyl Records Ever Is... - In The Mix has the lowdown, including this year's and Amazon's all-time best selling vinyl albums. You may be surprised... Read more
  2. Markus Schulz: What I've Learned About Dance Music - A revealing and in-depth interview, that's required reading for anyone wanting to take this industry seriously as a career, also from In The Mix Read more
  3. Dance For Decks Brings DJing To The Homeless - In this novel rehabilitation programme, DJing is used to help homeless people on the streets of London, reports Pulse Radio Read more

What's caught your eye this week in the world of DJing and music (apart from the BPM Show which has been covered everywhere, of course)? Anything you'd like to add on any of these stories? Feel free to do so in the comments.

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  1. Wow, I thought Dance For Decks would have been a non-profit organization that gave resources to the homeless that they needed rather than teaching them how to be a DJ. Doesn't that seem a little upside-down to you? I question the motivation and the result of this effort as it seems this is a token effort, rather than any real attempt at doing some good.

  2. Big fan of Mr. Schulz, much respect for resident DJ's, seems like a humble guy as well.

  3. Markus is an absolute legend. I loved the article; thanks for posting it!

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