Friday Roundup: Pete Tong Relocates To Los Angeles

Pete Tong

News that Pete Tong is relocating to LA to ride the EDM boom comes in the week that an EDM backlash takes hold stateside...

We've been busy preparing for our two free seminars at the BPM Show next week - so if you're coming, do come and meet us there! Meanwhile in our weekly round-up of news from the DJ and music world, Pete Tong moves stateside in the same week that a US EDM backlash takes hold - plus proof that Daft Punk ripped off "Get Lucky"? Read on...

  1. BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong Relocates To Los Angeles - In The Mix reports that Pete Tong has decided to up sticks from London and relocate to LA to better ride the US-based EDM boom... Read more
  2. US E Deaths Spark EDM Backlash - ...but meanwhile, anti-EDM sentiment gathers in the US, with events cancelled following alleged drugs-related deaths - as reported by Jonty Skrufff Read more
  3. Did Daft Punk Rip Off A Korean YouTube Star? - Finally, an uncanny resemblance to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has emerged, from a Korean YouTube star, again from In The Mix Read more

Please let us know what you think of these and any other DJ and music stories from around the world in the comments below - and have a great weekend!

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  1. Dirty Hippie says:

    The EDM backlash article should not come as a surprise to anyone. This has happened before. It will happen again. The piece was well written though and makes some very valid points. Organizations like DanceSafe got so much flack that they no longer provide services to help keep event goers safe. Water bottles are looked at like paraphernalia even if prosecution based on them has failed).

    Like someone in the article said. Kids are going to do this stuff. I am sure that many of us experimented in our younger days. I am not condoning it, or saying it is wrong. It just is. What needs to happen is education and steps need to be taken to keep people safe and hydrated.

    I also appreciated the fact that the article noted other behavior that is statistically more risky than taking ecstasy. To be honest, the only show I was ever at where someone died was the Tibetan Freedom Concert in D.C. where lightning struck. The show went on.

    I am kind of rambling because damage to the scene is scary for all of us, but I just want to add one thing. If you are a party goer, the safest thing is to enjoy the music without chemicals, including alcohol. But if you do partake, educate yourself, know your limits, and never put anything in your body you are not 100% sure of. I will not post links out of respect for this site and the PG rating, but you can get kits to test things for yourself or you can send samples to have them checked as well.

  2. No better ambassador for EDM as Tong to show those americans that EDM is more than Guetta & Co.

  3. People die at festivals all the time, people die from taking drugs all the time, cancelling a festival isn't going to change anything.

  4. James Brewer says:

    It's like Americans are 20 years behind us and Leah Bett's never happened! E is not a killer (generally). Paranoia, hysteria and propaganda are!

  5. I watched that whole video from that Korean YouTube star and waited for the part that was supposed to sound like GET LUCKY, but it never came. The only similarity is that they are played on the same instrument.

  6. HankBizzle says:

    Next thing you know there's gonna be a ban on repetitive beats in 'Murica.
    It's actually amazing seeing the similarities to how the USA is with dance music now and how we were 20 odd years ago.

  7. Steve (k-rex) says:

    I'm from Boston, and frequently spend time in New York. The EDM backlash article is ridden with inaccuracies (Mayor Thomas Koch?? Tom Menino has been mayor of Boston for 20 years), and does not accurately reflect what is going on. First, this all started with Zedd's show at House of Blues in Boston, and seems to be related to a batch of "Molly" showing up on the east coast US that has gone awry (these people aren't chemists). The backlash in Boston and New York isn't against EDM, but rather some clubs who have been rather lax in their enforcement standards. Overall, in the Boston scene at least, everyone's still cool with EDM (Passion Pit is playing City Hall Plaza this weekend :-))

    And no, we're not 20 years behind Europe, stop patting yourself on the back.

  8. This is the second time this year Pharell Williams has been involved with an artist accused of ripping off another artist. As for EDM article? Popped a Molly! I'm sweatin'! Wooh! (Okay, that was bad taste.)

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