Friday Roundup: Music Apps For Bored DJs + 3 More Stories

Friday mixtape

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Meanwhile, our web round-up this week includes tips on social media, a new BBC music discovery app, ways to listen to new music when you're bored of cratedigging, and laptop-free live electronic music. Enjoy!

  1. 5 Music Apps For When You're Bored Of Cratedigging - Evolver lists five apps "for people who don't really like music", but actually these are also great for DJs who need a break from active music searching, and just want to y'know, bung some tunes on Read more
  2. What Is Live? The New Generation Of Live Techno - Attack magazine highlights a raft of artists who are performing electronic music live, without a laptop in sight. The Ableton backlash? Read more
  3. Capture Any Music On Any BBC Channel Using Playlister - New service from the BBC lets viewers and listeners of everything from Tong to the Proms tag and find music, in a partnership with Spotify, YouTube and Deezer Read more
  4. 5 Ways To Boost Your DJ Career - Our friends over at JustGoMusic offer some simple ideas to give your DJ career a boost online Read more

What do you think of the new wave of laptop-free electronic music artists? How do you listen to music when you're not actively searching for new tunes? Do you like the look of that BBC app? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. "What is live?" irritated me as it came off as elitist and condescending... as though their opinion was the only one that mattered... and they used a band I had never heard of to justify their position of superiority. I got "Hey we're the cool kids and we just discovered what you nerds have been doing and we see the potential for doing good things, but we're not going to take a backseat to you so we're going to discredit you and make sure everyone sees that you guys did it wrong." I do not accept this.

    I did however like the content in "5 Apps for People Who Don’t Really Like Music" article... but again, the title is judgmental and you couldn't possibly love music as much as the people who are making the claim.

    I think there's a level of snarkiness that these specific authors have that feel makes them relevant... they just make themselves seem like arrogant, self-entitled, louts.

    I thought the point of these articles was to help people become better at something, not establish some grade school social hierarchy.

    "5 ways to boost your DJ career" was a solid article and was probably the standout, adult piece that genuinely helps people without making them feel small (or at least at some point questioning their worth).

  2. I didn't even think getting bored while cratediging was possible.

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