Friday Roundup: "These So-Called DJs..."

Jesus pose

'Oi mate, put your headphones back on and do some work!' While I don't think most would accuse Armin Van Buuren of being a 'push play' DJ, in today's Roundup, Russell Peters take a swipe at what he sees to be the falseness at the heart of some DJing today...

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Time for our regular round-up of what's going on out there on the DJing and music web, and in this week's Friday round-up, comedian Russell Peters lambasts the Jesus pose; one punter explains why he never dances at weddings; and some sound advice on staying on track with your DJing.

  1. Funnyman Russell Peters takes aim at "these so-called DJs" - In a sketch from his stand-up comedy show, reported by In The Mix, the Jesus pose crew come in for some stick Read more
  2. Six Reasons I Won't Dance At Your Wedding - LA Weekly blogger takes aim at wedding DJs in this humorous piece Read more
  3. Focus and become a better DJ - Our friends over at Traktor Tips give some sound advice on how to keep on track with your DJing Read more

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to, and we'll see you on the other side.

Do you think "Jesus posing" is acceptable? Do you dance at weddings? Have you say on our stories this week in the comments below.

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  1. Wow, the guy on article 2. sounds like someone who would turn up at work/school etc and start shooting randomly at passer bys. Relax man, none is forcing you to dance! in fact, none is forcing you to turn up at the wedding either.

  2. The Traktor Tips article is spot on, especially about exchanging time for DJing. My time waster was video games, I gave them up so I could spend more time DJing/producing... no GTA V for me!

  3. Oh dear.

    The DJ in the pic is Armin van Buuren - I think we can safely say he knows what he's doing πŸ˜‰

    Saw him many moons ago at Leeds Town Hall in England (they did a one-off Godskitchen night there) and he was really, really good, as was John '00' Fleming. Got to meet Armin and he's a thoroughly nice chap...he played a tune called Reaching Out by M-Diva that I still love to this day :-)

    • Agreed, plus getting into it and throwing your arms in the air is hardly a crime... you know what the comedian is saying though...

    • +1, saw Armin back in the mid 2000's before he became number 1, nice guy, also thanked him for playing Communication to close out his set (Nocturnal Wonderland), also Phil did you choose that picture?, just wondering because Trance DJ's seem to get marginalized for being posers when most of the guilty recently have been Guetta, Angello and Hilton, just saying:).

      • I agree, bad choice of picture - not every arms in the air DJ is the same πŸ˜€

      • Agree...a lot of the guys that are "Jesus Posing" aren't just "Jesus Posers"...they're just enjoying the atmosphere they created, possibly with their own track, which MUST feel good :-D. Another DJ that bounces around and gesticulates like a man possessed is Gareth Emery*, and once again he's a SUPER-TALENTED guy who really knows what he's doing. And his sister is a really good singer too...talented family πŸ˜€

        *I am not, or do not know, or am not affiliated with Gareth Emery or his family πŸ˜€

  4. Halfamazing says:

    There is an issue that lies deep underneath when it comes to this dj game. Just look at the archives of this site and you can get a gist of how the actual art of djing took a bad turn.

    The problem is that although forums and blogs are doing a great job at pointing out these issues, those that count are just watching the house burn down. So often you hear "there is such a great scene, you just have to find it".. Well, back in 2005 and prior, there was no such thing as having to "find it". It was there.

    Now there is a war between commercial and underground with no concern for the mid line vocal house sound with groove that once took the world by storm. It's either blaring festival or druggery slow tech house. The groovy house is being made, its just not being played. Now, proper house is this slow 122 bpm deep or tech cause its "underground". And everyone is starting to sound like an MK Dub mix.

    Also is the issue is "follow leader". Everyone grips of how commercial all sounds the same on beat port, well you think that the concept of imitation just so happens to en with the festival sound? On the contrary, take a beatport top 10 deep or tech and you can perfectly match 30 more current popular tracks to it. The difference is that underground is considered cool so it gets a pass but if you listen closes, everyone is on that flat classic house sound.. So, it is the same for popular deep/tech genres. There is nothing wrong with following a sound, but with so many years gone by, why do we have to spend 2-3 with every mainstream dj (being it underground or commercial) fighting to sound the same? There are so many different sounds that it just amazes me how limited we are with sound.

    Dj mag has a top 100 producer "dj" list and each year it gets ragged on.. But everyone just watches it go by and wait for the next year...

    This is what you get when the only way to get noticed is to produce- you get a top 100 producer list because that is what we are being conditioned to follow and the art of djing has quickly gone to waist side... Nothing wrong with being a producer, but focus should also be placed the psychological art of the nightclub dj (not just physical techniques).....

  5. Jesus Pose? Sure...Armin got his music programmed before the gig. A DJ is an entertainer and not a producer on stage.

  6. Hi everybody, my opinion about 'these so called dj's' is that, we should accept the fact that a lot of the top tier dj's are 'push play' because I think they don't need to have godlike djing skills when they are mainly producers.

    People go to see them for their music, if I want to see some skills probably I will look for some dj's who have them, for example, Im not expecting a sound designer like Skrillex or even Armin van Buuren to be excellent dj's just because they are excellent producers, I go to their concerts for their music and thatΒ΄s it!

    Once again this is just my opinion.


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