New DJ Software Teased By Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key DJ software

Mixed In Key's new DJ software looks like a slicker, simpler version of Traktor - but what features are being hidden from us in this teaser? Click to enlarge.

Mixed in Key has teased a new DJ software, which looks like a simpler, smoother take on Traktor, but with a few mysterious twists. Analysing the screenshot above - which has just appeared on the Mixed In Key Facebook page - we can see (naturally) key detection and energy level built in to the library, pointing to a strong recommendation engine.

Also, If you look closely, you can spot the words "dynamic playlist" on one of the folders above the library, indicating some kind of auto playlist or smart crate option for dynamic playlist creation. But it's the mysterious coloured patches around the waveforms that we suspect are hiding the features that Mixed In Key is hoping will stand this DJ software out from the rest. What are they covering? Well by the look of it, with a beta due soon, we won't have to wait long to find out.

If the company can crack from the off the really big task any new DJ software has to deal with - namely, being compatible with pretty much all the main DJ controllers, out of the box, no fuss - then this could be an interesting alternative to the big boys. Mixed In Key certainly has enough goodwill out there to be capable of making a dent in the market if the price and features are right.

• See the original Facebook post here

Can you deduce anything more about this software by looking at the screengrabs? Heard any rumours? what are your thoughts? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Sounds great and I'd be willing to choose it over the others.

    But..forgive me as I've been out of the loop for a while.

    What other "big name" softwares have the capability of helping you to mix harmonically?

  2. Serato for one and Traktor certainly can analyze keys for your tracks. Energy level is something MIK have in their own software and its not seen in other software but it can be seen in teh software once your analyze in MIK.

    Although MIK analyzes the tracks much slower than serato i do prefer it as they have the Camelot system built in and i prefer reading the numbers rather than the key to mix.

  3. MarkQuest says:

    "If the company can crack from the off the really big task any new DJ software has to deal with"

    Can't decipher what that was meant to say :/

  4. Great job Yakov and team , looks like it's got the goodies ;).

  5. I think they shouldn't, but I guess they have to add more products to make themselves more relevant. I really think they should perfect the software they already have. I have Mixed in Key's Mash-up, and it has lots of stability issues. I'm not too sure if they want to tackle DJ software, but that's just my opinion.

    I use a DDJ-SX with Serato DJ, and the good folks at Serato have not fixed the issues I have brought up in their new releases. They just add more DJ controllers to the list. Serato is a company that has a history with DJ software, and they can't even address all the issues that occur. I wonder what kind of hurdles MIK will have to deal with, and will their support team be able to deal with the issues?

    • Channa, I think you bring up a really good point. It's hard for DJ software companies to support every controller perfectly, but we decided to take this approach:

      1) We created a beautiful interface that allows anyone to create their own MIDI mappings. You twist a knob on the controller, and something reacts on the screen
      2) We'll bundle lots of default mappings with the software when it launches
      3) It's true plug-and-play. You can remove a controller in the middle of your set, plug in another one, and it'll work automatically.

      We'll learn more from the beta.

  6. I guess with nearly every DJ software offering key detection, they decided they need to look at a new revenue stream so they don't get left behind. Nothing wrong with that.

    I personally can't say I'd buy it. I'n running three different DJ softwares already.

  7. It would be pretty badass if they adopted the old Torq process of 'right click mapping'. That was such a genius feature.

  8. so...
    Automatic playlist... check
    harmonic mix... check
    bpm detection... check

    ...why do we need humans to DJ again?

    • Will a robot or a program be able to feed off the crowd and increase the state of mind/moment? Just like a jet fighter pilot there are choices only a human can make.

      • The scary thing, though, is that now we're developing energy level detectors for our software. Using a basic algorithm, that I'm sure someone is already working on, a computer could in theory pretty much do our job, all that would be needed is a person to set the beginning energy level and tone and the computer could do the rest. Though as far as I'm aware, we're still a ways off from this.

  9. djMichou008 says:

    What is the big news there? Too late Mixed in Key!
    With VDJ and its "compatible songs" list, I've been harmonicly mixing forever!
    Even with VDJ Home Free!
    And VDJ actually presents Keys in Camelot or Key values?

    • djMichou008 says:

      The 2 songs shown are Pretty Lights - Finally Moving and Eric Prydz Miami Atlanta!
      I will download both tunes to try to prove my theory!
      My theory: The two waveforms are 2 representation of the same song.
      1) On top traditional waveform view and
      2) below, a derived beat view only form.
      For those math afficianado (dwave(t)/dt.)
      i.e. drum and bass line only,
      The different color represent breakdowns, indicating potential mixing points.

    • I agree VDJ does this and is compatible with almost any controller and I have seen very few issues with problems.

  10. I know it must be rocket science to make decent DVS wares in terms of stability and great features, that's without taking into consideration that no matter how well you do it someone will be there pointing out the issues or lists of wants! hell, even I've been there posting requests in the past. However, if there's anyone I would like to see giving Serato and their pedestrian dev and NI with their crappy quality hardware a run for their money, these guys would be near the top of my list. I wish them the best in their attempts to break into this area of the market.

  11. I'm very interested to see what Yakov and the team come up with. The layout looks very clean but basic so I's be interested to see what sets it apart from the competition. I'm assuming that the main selling point (at least initially) will focus around the energy level of tracks and the possibility of a more live remixing experience, perhaps sharing similarities with "The One" software. I'm wondering if they will tie the functionality of their other software in to this?

  12. "Fully midi mappable" - I'm interested. Now just add the words "with a sleek, intuitive interface so you never have to look at Traktor's controller manager again."

  13. I use MIK and PN regularly, so I'm not dissing the DJ software just to be a jerk. That being said, I won't be using this software to DJ, but I'm glad it's out and I hope it will be a force to be reckoned with. I wish them a lot of success. You are probably asking why am I hoping they do well, but won't use their DJ software. Simple, if they do well, it will make big updates in Traktor cheaper. It cost us money going from Traktor Pro to Traktor Pro 2. More competition makes the other software manufacturers price their wares more competitively. If this software wants to be really successful, they need to partner with a hardware manufacturer.

  14. Wondering if this piece of software will, like Mixed In Key, require a network connection on launch to verify if you have actually paid for it and then, after it verified you have, nag you to buy an upgrade on each and every launch.

    If it needs a network connection, it will be practically useless in a non-bedroom DJing environment.

  15. DJ Distraction says:

    Yakov, will it support video mixing?

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