NAMM 2014: Reloop Terminal Mix 8 Serato Controller Talkthrough Video

Here's a video talkthrough straight from the NAMM 2014 show floor of the brand new Reloop TM8 Serato DJ controller.

It's a controller that builds on the Terminal Mix 4, improving some of the ergonomics, and crucially adding full dual-mode RGB performance pads, a first in the Reloop range.

We liked the way the RGB performance pads are dual use, in that pressing each selector a second time dials in a related but different mode. The way they've handled scrolling through samples is particularly neat.

It's all explained clearly in the video, but basically if you're a fan of Reloop's products (build quality and jogwheels are the standout things in our view of Reloop's range), yet you've wanted a controller with sample pads built in too, I reckon you'll love this. Price is €579.

So, do you think this looks good having seen the video? Has Reloop got the form factor / feature set about right? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Reloop has really been impressing me in recent years!

  2. says:

    Its looking good.. Still waiting for a Numark NS6/4Trak upgrade, but this unit is pretty much anything what you need.
    Is there any support for traktor?
    I know traktor works with anything, but a custom mapping for traktor pro is complicated with all this shiny stuff - would like to have a mapping...

  3. DJ Compiler says:

    Did they get rid of the auto loop feature? I'm not sure that I could make the move from my TM4 to the TM8 without auto loop.

  4. Hi Phil, have you had the chance to check out Serato's Pitch N' Time plug-in for Serato DJ?, saw a demo on DJTT at the Reloop booth.

  5. Hey philip , the price in US Dollars is the same or what's gonna be the price in US.

  6. Seems excellent to me! Want a controller that has nice jogwheels for scratching and also rubber pads. Gonna get this one when it's out, looking forward to in-depth review, nice work guys, thanks

    • Kareem from has a first impressions video on youtube... hoping he has an in-depth look at the TM8 up soon.... I'm pre-ordering mine tomorrow, along with PA speakers, some lights, etc... I'll have the PA and such to get familiar with in the meantime...

  7. can I use Reloop Terminal Mix 8 with traktor?

  8. Man, really torn between this and the DDJ-SR.... get the SR now or wait just a few extra weeks and get the TM8... I have some gear that I could make work for the next month or 2, thinking this one is at least worth a serious look.... Thanks again for all that you do, Phil and crew.... Sincerely, Moonshadow

  9. Reloop TM8 is a lot of controller for the money with present market standards in mind. Nobody ever seems to complain about their recent controllers either. Personally I like the idea of a Denon MC3000 mk2 and a Vestax VCI-300mk3, especially the latter of the two with a traditional effects bank running along the top like most of the controllers are these days. You might say the VCI-100mk2 but personally I have had one and bearing in mind it is only a mid range controller it seemed like one you would buy your girlfriend! I like the build and size of the 300mk2 also the buttons are top notch alongside the jogs for sheer response. Maybe a vertical effects section running down each side underneath the pitch. Now that would be bang on and also giving Vestax a smaller traditional 2 channel controller and SDJ native. Also Reloop may want to consider a 2 channel version of the TM8 for backpackers like me. Cheers, Steve.

  10. Thinking on the design a little further the vertical effects section would prove to be a hinderance when scratching, So a horizontal effects section with maybe a few extras like slicer and so on. You see I really don't think the 380 has replaced the 300mk2 simply because the 300mk2 has room to individually advance as a traditional unit that will be a staple for Vestax and alot of DJs. Where as the 380 is a little more diverse in its layout as you may know. Can you see what I mean?

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