Serato DJ 1.6.3 Brings CDJ-900NXS Support


The Pioneer CDJ-NXS900 has been given Official Serato Accessory support in this update, meaning you can plug it in straight to your computer via USB and use it in HID mode.

Serato has released the latest update to Serato DJ, bringing it to 1.6.3. This latest version includes improved jogwheel lighting response for all supported CDJs and controllers (if your controller has lights under its jogs). If you just bought yourself a brand new Pioneer DDJ-SZ, this update brings you improved platter latency for more accurate scratching and jogwheel control.

Last but not least, Serato has bestowed "Official Serato Accessory" status to the Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, allowing you to use it in HID mode with only a USB cable running to your computer without the need for control CDs. Do note that you're going to have a supported Serato DJ interface (SL2 box and up), controller or mixer to use this feature.

• Download this update now from the Serato website.

Have you been waiting for CDJ-900NXS support in Serato DJ? Do you own a DDJ-SZ, and if so, do you notice the improvement in 1.6.34? Let us know below...

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  1. How well are the CDJ-2000's supported by Serato? I hear they might be a hassle in HID mode with Traktor..?

  2. I thought you can only use accessories with DVS hardware. So I can use CDJs or the RP 8000 (using HID) with my NS6?

  3. I Have both a DDJ DZ and a CDJ 900 NXS and see improvements! However we have been asking for MIDI Support which still has not been released by Serato DJ.

  4. The CDJ-2000/CDJ-2000nexus Advanced-HID support in Serato DJ is excellent—takes just a couple of seconds to connect them, and all the CDJ controls are well-mapped.

    Using Traktor with these CDJs is just as easy to connect, but also allows you to use the CDJs as the audio interface (i.e. no need for an external box, as is the case with Serato). This may require you to configure both CDJs as an Aggregate Audio Interface (on a Mac), which adds an additional step to your setup (but looks cleaner and requires one less USB port).

  5. Traktor HID with CDJ2000s is flawless. Two usb cables is all your need. CDJs even double as your soundcard. Such a simple setup especially when your setting up in a small booth.

    • says:


      I have been trying to resolve stability issues with this setup for quite some time. Your right it is flawless then begins to crash. I can't seem to pinpoint the root cause. Neither can NI.

      Macbook Pro Retina Running Mavericks 10.9.3 (16 G RAM) In Single Boot
      Traktor 2.6.8
      DJM 900 Nexus (Traktor) (Latest Firmware)
      CDJ 900 Nexus (Latest Firmware) and CDJ 2000 Nexus
      All MP3 and everything has been stripped of any Symbols etc.

      It would be my preferred setup.

    • I bought a pair of CDJ-400's that are also HID capable with Traktor. I just got them and I'm looking forward to setting them up.

  6. Any word on HID Support for CDJ-400's? Just curious?

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