Friday Roundup: 11 Steps To Securing A DJ Gig

Ready to escape the bedroom and get that first gig? One of our posts this week from around the web has 11 steps to help you...

Ready to escape the bedroom and get that first gig? One of our posts this week from around the web has 11 steps to help you...

You've probably noticed it's been "DJ edits" week this week on Digital DJ Tips. We published Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About DJ Edits on Wednesday, and also brought you a brand-new presentation that included details of how you can get out How To Make Your Own DJ Edits course, at a huge pre-launch member discount. (Hint: The course offer closes after the weekend, so watch that presentation now!)

Meanwhile, we've got some great reading for you from around the web this week: This is the stuff that's most caught our attention (in-between working hard, of course)...

  1. 11 Steps To Securing A DJ Gig - JustGo has advice on covering the basics in your move from bedroom to DJ booth Read more
  2. 14 Things To Avoid When Writing Your Artist Bio - Great advice from JustGo on not falling into the usual cliched traps... Read more
  3. 15 Tips For Producing Great Trance Drum Grooves - In-depth practical article from Audiotuts on getting beefy drums on your hands-in-the-air trance tunes... Read more
  4. Making Your First DJ Intro Edit In Ableton Live - Got Ableton Live? Not sure how to make DJ edits using it? DJ Tech Tools wants to show you... Read more
  5. What Makes An EDM "Hit"? - Absorbing look at the state of artists, DJs and electronic music today from EDM site Crossfadr Read more

Don't forget to check out the How To Make Your Own DJ Edits presentation while you can - after the weekend, it's gone! Have a great one :)

Let us know what you think about any of these stories in the comments below...

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  1. Alchemy432 says:

    This article came at a perfect time satisfying everyone 😉 this is exactly what I was thinking about yesterday, I've established contact with a well respected and down to earth psytrance rave crew from around these parts and registered interest in djing for them, if its a paid gig thats cool but not my motivation, its more that its been a dream of mine to work with these guy. I've given myself 12 months to go from complete noob to a dj capable of putting on a great show. asides from the above which I'm reading after I post this, any ddjt members got any tips for me? any guidance will be much appreciated!

  2. Forced Hand says:

    That "what makes an EDM hit" piece was so full of opinion, it was difficult to read. Certainly opinion is good, but not opinion-as-fact or increased validity because something was published. "Stuck in Synthpop" and "Dated" were words the author actually used to describe bands who had (multiple) hits and have new efforts.

    It sounds like the author wanted to be a tastemaker, not a legitimate opinion writer. Most of those people use statistics, metrics, and observations... not this piece!

  3. DJ Hombre says:

    This week also saw Spotify identify Avicii as the most influential under 25 artist, having reached 1 billion downloads via their site. Make of this what you will!...I'm gonna dig out some old skool instead though.

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