Friday Roundup: How To Find A DJ Name That Isn't Taken (Probably!)

Choose DJ name

Choosing a great DJ name is our lead story this week - we link to our own exhaustive post and also to an apparently serious post we found online elsewhere, too... Pic: PCDJ

Finding a great DJ name has always been a huge topic of discussion here, but we had to smile at the post we chose to lead with this week - do you think the author knew what they were saying when they were talking about Pitbull, for instance?! Anyway, on a more serious note, there's loads of good video tutorials from DubSpot and lots more interesting bits and pieces from around the web too for your enjoyment in our Friday Roundup. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. How to Find a DJ Name That Isn't Taken - Our own articles on this subject are among our most popular - but for fun, check out WikiHow's apparently sincere take on the subject ("If you like dogs, try "Pitbull"...) Read more
  2. DubSpot DJ Video Tutorial Roundup - Our friends over at DubSpot have made some great tutorials over the years; here's a resume Read more
  3. The Realities Of Record Shopping Vs Downloading - Great article from DJWorx on how the rose-tinted glasses have been well and truly out in some quarters as regards old-school record shopping... Read more
  4. Become An Instant "Superstar DJ" For The Low Price Of $11,682 - Lordy, there are people out there with more money than sense who'll probably buy right into this. As reported by In The Mix Read more
  5. A Tour Around Facebook’s Shazam Service - Facebook has launched an audio recognition service for its iOS and Android app users, reports JustGo Read more

Let us know your views on any of these stories in the comments below.

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  1. tracy parker says:

    Ive been trying to find a dj name for awhile now and still no luck lol

  2. Hi, my name is alt.rock

  3. Frankly, I love that I don't have to race to the local shop on a Thursday or Friday night in the hope of landing some cool new tunes. I like how I get emails from my favorite online shops with a list of new stuff to check out (based on who I "follow") and thus I add to cart (or hold bin) to purchase later.

    I like that I'm seeing more classics come back digitally, so I'm not scrounging all over praying to find something rare. I just don't miss record shopping, and love the ease of online...especially when you want to shop on off-hours when stores are closed.

    • DJ Vintage says:

      Nostalgia dictates that there was something about sitting at the last seat of the listening bar in a recordshop during weekday afternoons. The only visitor getting coffee from the owner. With a great old stack of vinyl beside you. It's where I learned to put a record and needle on from the wrong side of a turntable 😀 .

      I'd say that while you are (of course) right about the convenience, the pre-selection and all that, I can't help to shake the feeling that with all the music I DO get to hear, there is still a whole lot I don't get to hear too.

      I understand that in vinyl days you only got onto vinyl if someone somewhere picked you up as an artist, so there was strong(er) preselection too. But I did have the feeling that, for the genre's I was interested in, I got to hear everything new on the market. Including some stuff that was so new it didn't quite fit a label yet.

      Not that I want to go back, the cons were bigger than the pro's, but a part of me is grateful I got to live that experience too.


  4. Forced Hand says:

    Slowly migrating to the DJ name "Cusp" mainly because I was born on the Capricorn-Saggitarius cusp, but also because Cusp is a transition.

    • Forced Hands; As you say "Cusp" is in transition. I have one for you that Just popped out from my mind while reading you comment. CuspriuS or CapriuS.
      Mine would be simply Aquarius if its available.
      PEPE is my short name Giuseppe. A good friend always called me Pepeh with the H at the end, they say sound more cute. So I am searching for opinions!! "PEHPEH"

  5. Alchemy432 says:

    I'm stuck with this myself, need a DJ name, 2 artist names and a name for my record label. I recently finished going through a list of approx. 800 names with no luck. all the good ones were taken already. Hopefully I'll get an idea reading up at these links. Thanks for the article DDJT! much appreciated :)

    • Forced Hand says:

      Don't think about it, just let it come. Like a nickname the kids used to call you or something you really cherished as a kid, names have to mean something powerful to you. It also helps if it means something to others.

  6. Yesenia Rubi says:

    For my dj name I was thinking MickieX or MickiX since my friends give me the nickname mousey or mickey cause im quiet and don't talk that much 😂 but i think its a cool nickname but i just need some feedback on my dj name

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