Friday Roundup: Will DJs Soon Be Streaming Rather Than Owning Their Music?

Friday Round Up

Are streaming services like Spotify killing downloads and ownership? Pic from: and

This week we've been busy making a great new iPad DJ training course for users of Algoriddim's djay software - so if you're one of those people, let us know in this article what you need us to include.

Meanwhile, in today's Friday Roundup, an interesting discussion on whether streaming music is going to replace ownership for DJs, how to open your very own record shop, and a deep read on whether house music today has lost its meaning - all of these and more can be found below in our regular trawl around the music and DJing sites below. The weekend has landed!

  1. Streaming And The Demise Of DJ Music Ownership - Are streaming services like Spotify likely to make downloads and music ownership things of the past? Our friends at DJ Worx give us their opinion Read more
  2. David Attenborough Narrates A Night out - Cassetteboy strikes again with this viral parody of a London night out Watch it
  3. How To Open A Record Shop - Feeling nostalgic, romantic and/or rich? The Vinyl Factory gives a nine-step guide to opening your own vinyl store Read more
  4. Budget DJ Mixers Reviewed - DJ Techtools takes a look at four mixers for cash-strapped, controller-swerving DJs Read more
  5. Can You Feel It? The Meaning Of House - Has today's House music lost its original meaning? Attack Magazine has the story Read more
  6. MTV Casting Molly Addicts - "Finding Molly" a bit too often? Here's what MTV's cooking up in their new reality show about the drug Read more
  7. Dance Music From The Beginning, Part One - A concise history of dance music for today's tl;dr generation, from DJ Mag Read more

Want to comment on any of these stories? Feel free to have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Ridiculous at best.

  2. Some thoughts:

    Streaming And The Demise Of DJ Music Ownership:
    I don't fully trust the idea of moving our music to the cloud. We have to hope venues will have a fast and solid internet connection for downloading, as well as the selection we want. Maybe streaming could work out for more mainstream DJs, but I still can't find half of what I play on Spotify. Plus we have to remember licensing issues, thus SoundCloud isn't feasible unless it's an original creation...or a bootleg remix/mashup that hasn't been flagged/deleted.

    The big change I am starting to see are more DJs liking how Pioneer does their setups. Where a DJ can come in with flash drives or external hard drives and thus go to town. Not to mention how it removes the laptop "barrier" between the DJ and crowd. While I don't forsee vinyl making a big comeback in DJing, I can't fathom we're all going to go cloud unless the selection and speed is there.

    Can You Feel It? The Meaning Of House:
    It was a good write-up, but I think it's more fear-mongering. People who seemingly believe we're going to wake up with "EDM" as the only music out there and all else lost.

    I think there's plenty of soulful good house music out there that truly adheres to the original meaning that was created in the 80s. I go on Traxsource and find plenty, which is why I tell deep house fans to get off Beatport and shop elsewhere.

    The issue really though is we're facing a world where average people want quick instant gratification. For years I've tried to play deep house in venues to build a nice atmosphere, but time and time again even in the most elegant of lounges (with no dancefloors), the crowd wanted bangers that you mainly hear in fests and big clubs.

    If I had to say anything, it's that we need to highlight the diversity of music in our mixes, our radio and online shows, blogs, and even in the opening sets at bigger events (or smaller stages/venues). I can't expect the "EDM" fan to really have the patience for soulful you build balance and see who wants to go down the rabbit's hole.

    One last note. At the recent memorial for the late Frankie Knuckles, I saw loads of people there that one wouldn't expect. Many "EDM" folks who wanted to know about Knuckles. After the event I had emails and social media messages asking me where they could hear more of that soulful Chicago deep house.

    There is hope.

  3. I played my girlfriend's niece's birthday using djay/Spotify on my iphone through a Bluetooth speaker (no wifi, just 4g). That worked quite well.

    Wouldn't work as well if I needed a track that just came out today, had no internet connection, needed three tracks going, needed to make an edit, etc. Streaming still has a ways to go.

    That said, I would really like to see some way to use Spotify on my computer without having to try to beatmatch into Spotify from Traktor and back when I need a song I don't own (not to mention I can only use volume to bring the song in and out so no filter, etc.). Same thing for Soundcloud would be nice as well. If anyone knows how to do this now, please share!

  4. So these are a few thoughts I commented on regarding "Streaming Only" (at the DJWORX site):

    I should hope DJs not rent songs. How else are we going to get DJ remixes? How can DJs set and save cue points? How are DJs going to play songs in areas where there is no WiFi? WiFi libraries seem like a step backward (from record pools).

    Passable DJs can play songs they don't really know, but great DJs make an event of the music. Even if you have to be part of a recording download club (similar monthly fee), get the music you want to play.

    Let's try to remember that lossless also takes a lot of bandwidth to move. I also recommend that people listen to their songs all the way through before playing them live, as there can be corrupt bits and "inappropriate" parts. You put a whole bunch of trust in wireless service when you don't show up with music to play.

  5. UncleVibes says:

    Mixvibes published this week on Facebook this comment received from one user of Cross Dj:
    This mix was played and recorded on an iPad using only streamed tracks from SoundCloud. No external audio interface, no controller, no MIDI, nothing but my trusted KRK headphones. No post production or edits / fixes after the recording, uploaded straight from my iPad to SoundCloud.
    I've left each glitch and mistake in the mix, so you can hear what is possible to make without prelistening and with streamed files. If you invest a little time into the preparation, setting up CUE points and so on your mix will be a LOT better than mine
    This is the moment what I personally been waiting for years and years: DJing with streamed tracks on a mobile device. Freakin' cool! I encourage you to do the same thing, try it and taste the future of DJing. The SoundCloud integration great, and the key/BPM detection works perfectly.
    Of course it's only the beginning, this is not the replacement of the CDJs and turntables, yet. But as soon as HD audio streaming will be available streaming will be used in every DJ booth.
    - make a SoundCloud playlist with the tunes you wanna play, this mix's playlist is ... dj-mix-the
    - favourites are also accessible, and you can search for any tune on SoundCloud
    - artists and bands, please upload full songs or proper edits, the fade in fade out preview clips are a bloody pain to mix
    - once your device analysed the track the info will be there for ever. this is very useful
    - be brave! there is no need for pre listening the next track. if you know your music and/or you set up CUE points it's easy to mix since the SYNC works well
    - there was a SoundCloud breakdown, or some sort of downtime during I recorded this. the tracks been played, but the search was unavailable.
    - Cross DJ doesn't do tracklist for you (like Traktor DJ for example), so you have to do it manually
    - obviously since the bitrate of the streaming this is not club ready (yet) but it can be totally okay on small gigs, house parties, radio shows and so on
    - there was only one situation when the beat detection was wrong and the SYNC was not working well, I left it in the mix, you can hear it at 31:25, otherwise it was really reliable
    - this recorded at the third take, and this was the first time ever I used Cross DJ on iPad, however I played with the Android version many times, and I've played handful of proper gigs with Traktor DJ
    - I've used the iPad version, mainly because of the key detection (it's an iOS only feature at the moment). According to my experiences it's doesn't matter which system you are using, the SoundCloud integration in Cross DJ works on Android and iOS too.
    So pick up your phone or tablet and start mixing. It's great fun!
    Feel free to post your questions as comments, I will answer them as soon as I can.
    Simon Iddol
    DJ / Producer / founder of MOARRR

  6. I like to really to know my music, streaming could ultimately lead to a disaster, slow internet speeds could cause buffer problems, wrong titles could mess up the vibe, and skips, or edits you are not expecting. Streaming is not good for a professional DJ

  7. says:

    streaming could be great for DJs who do loads of requests, butr for DJs who do loads of edits and mashups not a chance you cant edit those files.

  8. I don't believe owning music will be replaced by streaming music. First of all, in Europe, not everywhere there is an internet connection yet. The mobile internet subscriptions are not fast and stable enough too for dj use. Secondly, dj's have made the swith the past 10 years from owning music physically (vinyl or cd) to virtual music (mp3, wav, ...). For some of us, this was already a difficult switch at the beginning, not "owning" music at all, is definitely even harder for a music lover (what a dj must be).

  9. If everyone went streaming I wonder where all the music will come from. I saw this on Facebook today.

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