[NAMM 2015] Video: Pioneer XDJ-RX Talkthrough

Pioneer XDJ-RX All-In-One

We've had a chance to speak with Lars from Pioneer DJ about the brand new XDJ-RX all-in-one Rekordbox System.

We've got a world-first detailed talkthrough of the features of the brand-new XDJ-RX controller from Pioneer, here at NAMM 2015. We've concentrated on the way the unit works with Rekordbox, and what you can do on that big, central screen.

We'll bring you more thoughts on this unit in good time, but our impressions today were that for many DJs, this is going to be a total game-changer, because they can DJ on a controller like this at home, and use the same preparation in Rekordbox (and the same USB drive) to DJ in clubs too.

It truly blurs the boundary between laptop and USB DJing: Not only does that screen can contain an awful lot of information but, we found out that you can actually plug your laptop in and DJ with Rekordbox using the laptop as a bigger screen should you want to. We don't think you'd want to though: The screen size makes this something that for the first time, we think laptop DJs could easily switch to.

Anyway, here's the video...

What are your latest thoughts on this having seen the video talkthrough here? Can you see yourself "ditching the laptop" in favour of Pioneer's Rekordbox route? Or do things like only two channels, no CD slots etc. mean that this isn't, for you, the dream all-in-one you've been thinking of? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. James Thomaston says:

    I think the big draw for this is the built in screen, but to me, that seems to be what all of the 'haters' have to say about using a laptop. That you are staring at the laptop or getting Serato face, when you should be mixing. I think looking at a smaller screen will still cause this, perhaps even more so because of it being lower. Honestly, when I do turntablism, I find myself looking at the record and fader, even lower still than this screen would be.

    As for being laptop free, most djs have to use a laptop anyways, so I don't see coughing up $1700 for another thing to carry and use only as an interface, at least not for me.

    One last point, as a mobile dj, redundancy is key. I have my computer, stand alone mixer, cdj, usb, and lastly traktor dj on my phone. If any of those fail, you have another, what happens if rekordbox takes a crap?

    • DJ Vintage says:

      Guess that depends on how they implemented RekordBox on top of the stand-alone bit. It does have two line/phono inputs, so should be easy to hook up an extra set of simple players or your Traktor DJ iPhone/iPad backup. Flip the channel input switch, hit play and go. I am assuming that they will have made RB crash in the box and try to see if the stand-alone audio bit (including the mic channels!) keeps going.

  2. Klaus Mogensen says:

    I would love to try it to see how/when it'll collide with my normal laptop djing workflow when put to the test

    But I can't really afford Pioneer flagship prices just to try something out :)

    Best regards
    Klaus Mogensen

  3. Hi Phil, thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated, this website is a golden source for dj info.

    I'm thinking of getting one of these all in one controllers, the appeal of playing without a laptop appeals to an old skool vinyl soinner like me.

    However, compared to the Stanton SCS.4DJ, which invariably started all this standalone controller with built in screen market, the pioneer is in comparison, too bulky for easy transport, much more expensive ~£1200 vs ~£350 and pioneer still doesn't support FLAC and since a main source of dogital music for me is the excellent ektoplazm, no flac is kind of a dealbreaker for me.

    Now i know the stanton is 3 years old hardware and even the the five software revisions have brought it a long way dince its launch, i still feel as if this should be receiving an update soon. Now i know you're not clairvoyant, but if one of these pottable all-in-one stanton's was too be updated soon, the i would hold out for it. Otherwise, not even all the bells and whistles on rekordbox and this bulky pioneer could convince me that its a better deal for my application, which is pack the controller in my bag, travel to the venue, plug in, play.


  4. Stephen Shiels says:

    The downfall to the pioneer unit as I see it is the load buttons. They seem raised to me, if they were recessed in the unit, they wouldn't be too bad, but I can see them being knocked in a busy environment whilst in the mix. I know you said that you would probably prepare everything at home with this unit stationed at home. Whilst this is a two channel mixer, most people would like a third deck for samples, and it seems you cant add another deck without losing one. so no scope to add another deck. I'm only going by what I have seen on your video and original pioneer video As I have said in the past why cant they add a send and return to these units. I know most hardware has a usb and can used in a / or a conjunction with midi software. But I would still like it. Thanks Phil keep up the good work. You videos are very informative and I have been following DDJT for nearly 2 years and still learning.

  5. Why would I fork out so much $ for this when I can get the XDJ-R1 for half and with CDJs for the dinosaur DJs who use them?

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