Musikmesse 2016: Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Sampler

Toraiz SP-16

Pioneer DJ just announced the standalone Toraiz SP-16 sampler and step sequencer that syncs with CDJs via Pro DJ Link.

Ahead of the Musikmesse 2016 show this week, Pioneer DJ just announced the Toraiz SP-16 hardware sampler. It's a standalone unit that comes with an onboard step sequencer, 16 velocity-sensitive drum pads, knobs, analogue filters, a touch strip, and a hi-res touchscreen.

It's got a USB slot as well as an 8GB hard drive onboard so you can load your own samples and arrange them in the drum sequencer or trigger them as one shots or loops using the 4x4 pad grid. It's also got Pioneer PRO DJ Link connectivity, meaning you can hook this up to a CDJ / XDJ with Pro DJ Link and you can perform all these sequencing and triggering in a synced, quantised fashion.

What's so good about it?

This is big news for digital DJing and producing because Pioneer DJ has beat just about everyone to the punch as regards natively syncing up a drum machine / step sequencer with CDJs, and it does this through Pro DJ Link connectivity.

This means that you can "improvise" and build your own tracks on the fly in the DJ booth without a laptop or other Midi hardware, and more importantly syncing via Pro DJ Link greatly simplifies the process of mixing in a track you're spinning on a CDJ with a drum loop that you've just built on the Toraiz SP-16.

Traktor users have been clamouring for years for Native to come up with stable, proper Traktor and Maschine integration, and so far it hasn't arrived (you can sync them up via Midi clock, and if you've tried it you know how much of a pain it can be).

The Toraiz SP-16 will further blur the lines between DJing and studio production. Since it'll work with Pro DJ Link-equipped CDJ / XDJ gear, it'll be easier to integrate into a club set-up as well.

Check out the promo video and photo gallery below.

Promo Video

Photo Gallery

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• The Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 will be available from Summer 2016 for €1,599. Check out the Pioneer DJ website for more details.

What do you think of this sampler? Think it'll be a game changer for many DJ/producers? Are you interested in trying it out for yourself? Let us know below.

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  1. Simon Watkins says:

    I always look at new Pioneer stuff, no matter what it is: headphones, PA speakers, Monitor Speakers, Controllers, Mixers CDj's and I read all of the reviews! I always think "ooooh this is a game changer!"

    And then I get to the bottom of the review and see the price and that changes the game again... :(

  2. Ah Pioneer what have you done

  3. This is exactly the kind of product I've been hoping for. The price isn't tho ._.

  4. Nik Howard says:

    Looks very interesting.

    Makes a Machine look very good value
    Joey, I assume the 8gb is flash not HDD?
    What's next, Rekordbox DAW?
    Looks like it's completely stand alone too
    And should MIDI sync with anything as well.
    I guess there may be a software editor too?
    NI need to stop messing with Stems and finally do what you suggest.
    Interesting it has 1/4 ins/outs not RCA
    Yet another use of Ethernet cables, shame Denon, Pioneer, Allen and Heath, Dante, etc won't all use the same standard?

    Will look forward to a review

  5. Kenny Schachat says:

    IMO, DJ's should sue whatever gear they like and can afford. But at what point does it still make sense to use two (or 3 or 4) big Pioneer decks AND a external Pioneer EFX box AND an external sampler/sequencer - all to do what you can do with Traktor and a controller? Is it to look like a big time "pro" DJ? Bearing in mind that 90% of the crowd can't see and doesn't care what type of gear that you're using...

    I'd much rather see Native Instruments incorporate Ableton's new Link feature in Traktor and Maschine. Link is an open technology standard that allows *any* hardware or software (not limited to Ableton Live) to have built in, compatible sample-level sync with multiple devices.

    P.S, So Pioneer has decades of gear with CDJ/X-2000 style names and they named this Toriaz? SMHWLOL! (Shaking my head while LOL'ing).

  6. It looks like from Native Instruments...

  7. No Qualms says:

    If anybody is interested in experimenting with samplers in their DJ set. Akai MPX ($99) & Akai XR20 ($299) both have midi so you can sync them with Traktor. Same thing but much cheaper!
    I advise seeing if you actually enjoy DJing this way or even if it is necessary before shelling out the dough for one of these bad boys 😉

  8. Chase Madison says:

    I currently use a XDJ RX as well as 2 XDJ 1000s (routed to the line-in on the RX) I use the pro DJ link on the 1000s to access USB information, but the pro link on my RX is unused. Could I use this unused Lan port on the RX to connect the SP-16? Where would the audio from the SP 16 go? Or would i need a seperate soundcard for this? Or perhaps i need to replace the RX with a DJM?

  9. How do you like that set up with the RX and 1000's?
    I've been thinking about going that way with the RZ

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