Review & Video: Reloop Mixon 4 Controller For djay Pro & Serato DJ

Review Summary:

If you want a hardware mixer as part of your DJ controller, look elsewhere, but if you're purely looking for a versatile, well built and fully featured four-channel software controller - especially if you want to use it with a tablet, and you need four channels - this is a great choice.

Mixon 4
  • Mixon 4
  • Rating: 4.5
  • From: Reloop
  • Price: US$799
  • Reviewed by:
  • On November 24, 2016
  • Last modified:November 25, 2016
Reloop Mixon 4

Reloop's Mixon 4 has quite a few uniques, one of which is the fact that it is the only DJ controller currently available that can fit the 12.9" iPad Pro into its physical mounting slot.

Full Mixon 4 Review

This controller boasts several firsts: First four-channel controller specifically made for Algoriddim's djay Pro software; first controller to fit the iPad Pro in its physical mounting slot, and the flexibility to work with Serato DJ as well as djay Pro. That means across the two platforms, it works with PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Read on for our full review, and scroll to the end for our video talkthrough...

First impressions and setting up

It looks and feels suitably professional. It's big (as in Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX or Denon DJ MC7000 big), it has bolted down pots and bolted down metal faceplate, huge RGB pads, a loose crossfader, decent resistance on the up faders, and Reloop's customarily excellent low profile jogs. The initial appearance is let down only by rather short pitch faders, although Reloop points out that they are14-bit high resolution nonetheless.

Unlike the other controllers just mentioned, though, it isn't a standalone mixer, and a cursory glance around the back and front of the unit confirms that there isn't even a single Aux input apart from the microphone. This is strictly a software controller.

Reloop Mixon 4

A cursory glance at the back of the unit shows no external inputs at all: Yup, this is 100% a software controller.

That said, it certainly doesn't skimp on the software it works with. You can use Algoriddim's djay Pro app (not supplied) with macOS, iOS or Android via their respective app stores (not supplied), or Serato DJ via a download from the Serato site (the controller is Serato enabled, so no purchase necessary). Leads are provided for plugging all compatible equipment into the unit; standard USB for Mac/PC, USB plus Android cable for Android devices, and a dedicated Lightning lead for iOS.

It's worth noting that if you want to use Spotify with djay Pro or Pulselocker with Serato DJ (these being the two streaming platforms available to you), again, subscriptions will be required; Pulselocker has a month-long trial with Serato DJ at the time of writing, and all Mixon 4 owners get a seven-day free trial of Spotify Premium, the version of Spotify you need to use it here.

(While we're talking streaming, it's also worth noting that of the two solutions, only Pulselocker is able to let you keep offline versions of tracks, meaning you can DJ without an internet connection once you've downloaded them to your locker from the Pulselocker service; with Spotify, you need to be online.)

Bear in mind that to use the advertised Pitch Play and Flip functions of Serato (more on these later), again, a purchase is required, as you'll need to buy the Pitch 'N Time and Serato Flip add-ons in addition to to the initial software purchase.

OK - once you've got your software installed, it's always a good idea to check the firmware is up to date (latest firmware is available from Reloop's product page on the company's site), but from there on in it's plug and play plain sailing with djay Pro and Serato DJ, as is generally the case with modern DJ controllers.

Finally, Reloop says that the controller works with Traktor Pro 2 and Virtual DJ 8 as well. There is a Traktor Pro 2 mapping on the Reloop website that you'll need to install and get working under your own steam, but Virtual DJ should by the time you read this have a mapping built in to use with this controller.

In use

Mixon 4

It's fully featured, with a few aces up its sleeve, notably the "macro FX" (ie the filter plus FX single-knob controls) and the LED system for loop roll.

To test the controller, we chose to major on using djay Pro running on an iPad Pro, as this is definitely the most unique user scenario offered by the Mixon 4, being the only four channel controller to work with Algoriddim's flagship platform. That said, we briefly plugged in a MacBook running Serato, and can confirm that Pitch Play words as advertised with Pitch 'N Time, and all the Serato features you'd expect on a pro controller (slip, Flip, slicer, loop roll and so on) are present and correct - no surprises, and great to play on.

We'll try and keep this about the controller not the software, but how djay Pro has moved on! Four decks, ultra smooth waveforms, really slick library integration... if only you could play Apple Music files from iTunes it'd be near damned perfect (you need to own the music you play, not "rent" it from Apple Music - that kind of function only works with Spotify, which is a real shame). Anyway, suffice to say the software is mighty impressive.

OK, so here's the good stuff: The jogs are excellent, the performance pads too (big, bright, making good use of colour). The crossfader has curve options, channel assigns, and is nice and loose; the line faders have a decent resistance. The knobs generally are good; they're plastic, not rubberised, but they feel OK, and the library knob is big and weighted, as is Reloop's preference. The loop encoder has a light system to show you how many beats or fractions of a beat the loop roll will be for, which works well.

Some may not like the hard plastic play/pause and cue buttons, but that's just personal preference really. As I said earlier, I didn't like the short pitch faders, as they feel cheap on a controller of this standard, although they seem accurate enough in use.

The biggest omission from a hardware point of view is no external inputs, except a single mic channel with 1/4" and 1/8" jack inputs but no EQ, and just a solitary volume control. There's not even an Aux input for a backup solution in case your computer or iPad fails. So just be aware if you're buying this that it is very much a software controller through and through; those needing a bit more flexibility will have to look elsewhere.

Apart from that, though, it really is pretty well featured: It has XLR and RCA master outs, TRS booth outs, cool "macro FX" where you can assign an effect to the one-knob filter and have it control both, key sync as well as beat sync, and individual channel VUs as well as the master VU. Big deck switch buttons and colour-coded LED rings on the jogwheels complete an impressive feature list.


While some may not like the hard plastic play/pause and cue buttons, they work fine - and I don't think anyone could fail to fall in love with the wonderful 3x3cm LED lit performance pads.

While some may not like the hard plastic play/pause and cue buttons, they work fine - and I don't think anyone could fail to fall in love with the wonderful 3x3cm LED lit performance pads.

If you're looking for the ultimate iPad DJ controller, the Mixon 4 hits the spot. Four channels, room for the iPad pro, tight integration with djay Pro software - look no further. At this price point it is also a very good value pro Serato controller, if you can live without an Aux input, or a properly featured mic channel. It's well built, and nicely sized, like the aforementioned Pioneer DJ and Denon DJ units.

Aces up its sleeve include the macro FX and the LED feedback on the loop encoder, plus Pitch Play in Serato on the pads, something only seen on the Denon DJ MCX8000 to date. And the price is good too, although you should factor in buying whatever software you want to use.

if you want a hardware mixer as part of your pro DJ controller, look elsewhere, buy if you're purely looking for a versatile, well built and fully featured four-channel software controller, especially if you want to use it with a tablet, and you need four channels, this is close to perfect.

Review Summary:

If you want a hardware mixer as part of your DJ controller, look elsewhere, but if you're purely looking for a versatile, well built and fully featured four-channel software controller - especially if you want to use it with a tablet, and you need four channels - this is a great choice.

Mixon 4

  • Mixon 4
  • Rating: 4.5
  • From: Reloop
  • Price: US$799
  • Reviewed by:
  • On November 24, 2016
  • Last modified:November 25, 2016

Video talkthrough

Have you had your eye on the Mixon 4? Have you got one already? Let us know your thoughts on this controller in the comments below.

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  1. Nice for the for the ipad-lads! Knowing Reloops P-pads they will be great to use. The Neon being one of the best DJ inventions ever on the planet so far! I would be interested to hear those macro effects too. I contacted Reloop UK and they tell me that the Mixon is 24 bit just in case you are wondering and 44.1 khz sample rate. I would hazard a guess but Loop Roll on the P-pad will keep the track rather than play while the track carries on like the SX of which I personally find a royal pain in the glutamus maximus and would much prefer to keep the track where it is whilst using the Roll on the P-pads.

  2. DJ Vintage says:

    Well no aux input and no (proper) mic channel means a no-go for any serious mobile DJ, so this one is not for me (plus I got myself the MCX8000 now πŸ˜€ ).

    That said, it seems like a great DJ multi-tool and having had a chance for some hands-on in Birmingham, I have to say it is a serious controller that will fit many many DJs needs perfectly at a pretty decent price range.

    Being able to just sling it into a (big) backpack with your headphones and an iPad means you can be up and running anywhere in no time flat without ever having to worry about appearances.

    I say kudos to Reloop for developing something different from the rest of them. With the BeatPad 2 and this one I would say they own the iPad part of the market. The WeGo being just too different in lay-out (and no pads) and the iDJ Pro (also no pads) being past it's prime.

    One interesting thing I noticed. When Denon (based on many surveys) decided to switch back to mirrored deck layouts they caught a lot of flak for it and now this brand new Reloop controller has that same feature. Wonder if that will draw as many comments as the Denon gear did.

    • It's worth pointing out that many venues ask you to plug into their mixer, and if that's the case, you can always plug your backup solution and microphone into their mixer too.

      • Dustin Derrick says:

        Phil hey I've got a question about this new EverMix MixBox II, have you messed around with the first version and or gotten to see the newer version that just ended their campaign on indiegogo? If not you should check it out here (Check out Evermix MixBox2 DJ Set Recorder on #indiegogo!
        My questions though before I spend the cash are as follows:
        I'm worried if this device will function properly with my Reloop Mixon4 with the latest firmware update installed. I think it would help people out if there was a downloadable PDF of the technical specs of the box and known compatible controllers/mixers on the campaign page, but there isn't as of now.

        1. What would the setup look like for using The MixBox if the reloop doesn't have a "mix out" output (we have Master out 1-balanced XLR, master out 2-unbalanced RCA, and booth out TRS 1/4 jacks)? My typical setup would be to have the your DJAY PRO run through my laptop via USB input on the DJ controller vs an iPhone/iPad running the software via that lightning to round (8-pin proprietary??) "iOS" input on the DJC. So if I were to use the box and I had my ipad hooked to the iOS input running my DJ software say DJAY PRO, could I even hook the mixbox up via the booth output and hook it to my phone, or does the thing that the recording box hook into have to be the source of my DJ software and my tracks being mixed?
        Currently I have a pair of powered Yamaha monitors Hooked up via the master XLR output. There is also a CUE headphone jack that I plug my ears into via 1/4 plug and a I don't use the microphone 6.3mm jack currently.

        2. If for some reason you're able to come up with a way this device will function with the mixon4 (or the BeatPad), will it work if you are live mixing with DJAY PRO using Spotify as your main source tracks?

        Thanks in advance,

        • We don;t have one yet, so csn;t comment specifically.

          However, it will work with any controller as long as you don;t alter the master volume while using it. The Rec Out outputs on higher-end devices simply keeps a constant volume output, bypassing the master volume, so you can alter thre master if you wish.

      • Daan HERREMAN says:

        Hi Phil,
        Great review, helped me in my choice for a new DJ controller! I use it with djay pro on Mac and djay 2 on ipad.
        To add on your comment, I also followed your advise to buy a small music mixer you tested, Mackie VLZ4. This solves all back up, bad microphone and master tone problems in one tiny device. And gives you freedom to choose whatever controller you like.

    • By "mirrored" do you mean that silver finish vs the Beatpad2 matt black? although I'm rarely into cosmetics, I have to say I found that really off putting and also wondered about their "grippiness".

    • Juri Konradi says:

      I've been performing with Reloop Beatpad 2 (iPhone 5/64Gb) for 14 months already, 2-3 long sets each week, and only once i needed to restart (trying t remove Spotify track from Queue, while my subscription was over). Thats why there's no more aux. You never will need back up ))

  3. Very true. You could even bring your own small (e.g. Yamaha MG06) mixer and hook up a mic to that as well as your backup solution.

    • Ok. I This is my set up an American Audio XLT1200 amp, DBX215s (both housed in a flightcase) Pioneer DDJ SX2 and speakers. I want to run a Yamaha MGOG or something similar for the do I amplify the mic? Where do I plug the MGOG in? My controller runs through the DBX eq then the amp (yep..pygmalion!) Can you give me a clue before I consider this an option or at least help me to decide either way. Thanks.

  4. The interesting thing is, that Mixon have PCB ready for full dvs support ( 2x AUX cinch inputs + 2x switch line/phono ). Unfortunately this componets is missing on board. :(

  5. This looks like my dream controller. I like that it looks like they're left more space around the x-fader so I don't keep accidentally hitting the sync button. I also really like that the pads are closer but I'm wondering how the turntablists out there feel about having the jogs pushed farther up behind them? Also are their buttons for key? (On my Beatpad 2 you can shift click the nudge buttons to either keymatch or keylock but to increase or decrease by a semi-tone or two I have to (dangerously) poke my iPad screen with my greasy meathooks.)
    .. and if we could just get Algoriddim to free DjayPro from iTunes or Serato to cater for iPad I'd be in heaven πŸ˜€

  6. controller pads so far for me. My AFX was OK but I do not like stepped effects knobs and the pads were good albeit a little small. Pioneers on the SX2 just need a little extra weight to get the response where as Reloops are ultra sensitive giving super rapid smash with next to no effort and tough too! Apparently Roland DJ 808 pads still need alot of mad is that for the price and rep of the company!

  7. Phil, great review! I've been drooling over the Mixon 4 and the Denon MC7000. One thing to note is that the new Denon MC7000 is a great contender that also has Serato's Pitch N Play feature. Plus you get a full version of Serato Dj, Pitch N Time, Flip and Video plugins included with purchase. It's also DVS ready, able to connect 2 computers, longer pitch faders and 2 dedicated mic inputs. Usually most Denon controllers also work with DJay Pro, so it may be added in their software in the near future.

    I usually use a Mackie V02LZ4 compact mixer for an additional mic or auxiliary input with a smaller dj controller like the DDJ-SB2. So there is a work around these features missing on the Mixon 4. However, I've been looking for a standalone unit to not crowd my dj booth. Definitely love the convenience of using the iPad without a laptop. And Reloop jog wheels are very responsive. I may just purchase both!

  8. Thanks for the review Phil. Does this controller have on/off buttons for the filters?

  9. Balazs Csiha says:

    Am I the only one who is missing on this controller the dedicated loop in and out buttons for manual looping? Or I just haven't noticed how it works on this unit?

  10. Saswata Mitra says:

    Hey Phil,

    Just came across the commercial of Roli Seaboard and Noise. Have yoy guys had a chance of doing a cover on it. It looked pretty nice but unless the experts endorse it, I am weary as to whether an investment should be made in the midi sampler equipments that has no prior market endorsement from the critics and experts.

  11. Paul Stradling says:

    I'm seriously thinking of getting on of these but I'm not 100% sure from all the reviews whether this comes with a full version of Serato or not.

    There is a special offer for the full version of Serato this week so I'm wondering if need to take advantage of it while I ponder the Mixon 4 purchase.

  12. MrIddz68 says:

    Does anybody know the bit rate for this controller as either
    Reloop are ever elusive about sharing this info or I have missed it it 16 or 24 bit?

    • Dustin Derrick says:

      Not sure, but to quote your comment from November 2016 in this thread:

      "I contacted Reloop UK and they tell me that the Mixon is 24 bit just in case you are wondering and 44.1 khz sample rate"

      So is this not true?

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