[NAMM 2017] Video: Reloop RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ Mixer


Reloop's RMX-90 DVS mixer is the company's first mixer for Serato DJ DVS use.

Reloop is showing off its brand-new four-channel mixer here at NAMM 2017, the RMX90 DVS. It is Reloop's first mixer designed for DVS control of Serato right out of the box, and coming in price-wise at €999, it is relatively affordable too.

Video talkthrough

Do you like the look of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. No Cue pads though! I think this is were Mixars scored +5 !
    Looks pretty nice though and I can't remember the price of the new Mixars mixer..

    • TopherDance says:

      I agree, HETTO! I think having pads is really nice, and that new Mixars Quattro is pretty cool. The new Quattro is 1500. So I could buy this Reloop mixer for 1000 & and a Pioneer DDJ-SP1 for 300 ( which comes with a Serato video license - a $130 value so many people forget) and still come out $200 cheaper than the Mixars.

      Personally, I think I like the idea of staying somewhat modular in my setup. Then if I really get dependent on the trigger pads in my performance, I am definitely going to want something like the SP1 so I can easily take it with me and play off of any mixer in any setting, while having a familiar layout. This is something that has held me back from buying the Rane 64. I feel like I would get used to that layout and have to bring the mixer with me everywhere. I think for me and several DJs, the same would be true of the mixers Quattro.

      (Obviously I'm talking about playing in different club settings that already have a mixer installed - or playing with other DJs off of their mixers)

      Some cool new products at NAMM this year for sure. Thanks for all of the great coverage as usual Phil!!

  2. This and a Neon would be sweet! Can't wait to see some user reviews and more info once it hits the states.... and price in USD, which for some things isn't always a direct correlation between the price overseas and the exchange rate. ..

  3. DJ RicTer says:

    It looks nice and like it's setup for maximum effect with serato but I wish someone would add usb ports to allow multiple djs the ability to switch out with ease.

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