[NAMM 2017] Video: Stanton ST.150 M2 Turntable


We've got a quick first-look video of the new Stanton ST.150 M2 turntable, from the floor here at NAMM.

Stanton has announced a new, updated version of its popular ST.150 turntable range at NAMM 2017 - that's both the ST.150 M2 (pictured), and the straight-arm version, the STR8.150. Stanton says the units have had a complete recraft, now being manufactured out of aluminium to make them lighter.

First look video

• Both turntables are expected to retail for US$599 when they hit stores soon.

Are you a fan of Stanton turntables? Pleased to see this new version in the pipeline? Let us know your thoughts in ther comments.

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  1. Trevor Oxborrow says:

    I like the look of this turntable, but would probably not replace my Stanton T.92 just now. Actually, the only reason I have that is for transcription of vinyl where good digital copies are not available. Since deciding to go fully digital, large platters are an analog encumbrance in an otherwise compact digital space. And I apply that train of thought to large jog wheels on CDJ and XDJ gear too.

    • Good to be consistent with your gear preferences - when I first started mine were all over the place :) I agree, this turntable has a nice appearance and seems like a solid upgrade, but isn't necessary to grab it right away unless you have a problem with your current set-up

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