Is It A Minimal Watch? No, It's A Subwoofer Called Basslet


It doesn't have GPS, it doesn't even have any digits... but it does fool you into thinking you're in a club. Intrigued? Read on...

This is something we immediately dismissed as ridiculous. It is a tiny wrist-worn device that fools your body into thinking the thing is, in fact, a subwoofer. Nah, we thought. But then things start to pile up. A good friend leaves an established music company to join the company that makes this. Another CEO of an equally large music company shows me one excitedly, saying "you gotta try it". I am suddenly intrigued.

And now you can try it too. It's called Basslet, and by the powers of Bluetooth, it listens to whatever you've got going on in your headphones, and using a small vibrating unit built into its black plastic body, it taps that bass frequency out physically on your wrist, a bit like the haptic feedback on an Apple watch, or the vibrate in your phone. And apparently, this fools your body into thinking you are in the presence of earth-shattering bass.

Yeah, yeah you're thinking - sounds rubbish. As I say, the evidence is piling up that some mind trickery is indeed going on here. Lots of otherwise sane people are saying interesting things about it. Anyway, it is on sale from the maker's website, and we have one here too, so we'll be reviewing it shortly. (Note: Currently for US, Canada and UK residents only.)

So, have you heard about this already? What do you think? If/when you get one, we'd also love you to give us your thoughts. Our review is coming soon...

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  1. DIBS.

  2. MDubb, aka ElahMentalWords says:

    I could easily see this hitting festival crowds as standard in the near future. I believe the Skullcandy headphones do this as well. It definitely tickles the senses!

  3. Colin Brown says:

    I'm definitely in the market for something like this... will be fascinated to read your thoughts on it.

  4. Cédric Bonvin says:


    I own a basslet, and I have to say, this thing is soooo coooool!!!! It gives you a great bass feeling, but maybe, it would be great to have a basslet on each arm, in this way, it will surely give you a TOTAL immersion in the bass frequencies!

    I recommend 😉

  5. DJ Tunesmith says:

    Allow me to go off topic but what's with that photo? What point is being made by having half of the hand in black?

  6. Colin Brown says:

    The manufacturers claim "ultra low latency"; would be interesting to know the exact figure. As far as I can tell it's a bluetooth link to the device which I'd expect would mean fairly high (in dj'ing terms) latency.

    • Colin Brown says:

      I found an interesting comment on the Basslet's latency from Daniel Büttner (Basslet CEO):

      "Every wireless connection has tiny bit of latency. That's ok as long as it stays below a certain threshold. We didn't find any solution on the market that would actually transmit audio wirelessly fast enough so we developed our own embedded software application. It's based on BLE but heavily optimised to achieve the lowest possible latency, so you don't actually feel the delay."

      So... rather than using standard Bluetooth, they are using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which in theory can achieve latency as low as 6ms. From the research I've done BLE is not normally used for audio - it's designed for smaller packets of data than full range audio would normally need. In the case of the Basslet, however, the frequency range of the audio being transmitted is relatively small. That means they can use a much lower sample rate when digitising the audio for transmission and still reproduce the audio perfectly.

      If they've got the latency down near to the minimum allowed by BLE then this could work well for DJ applications.

  7. Colin Brown says:

    Any news on your review of this?

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