Over To You: Somebody Ripped Off My DJ Mix!


What should our reader do in response to somebody ripping off his DJ mix? Pic: graytvinc

Digital DJ Tips member Phil Sledge writes: "Someone has audio ripped one of my mixes off Mixcloud and uploaded it to his own, saying 'welcome to my new mix' and so on. Firstly should I be annoyed or say 'that's life'? Secondly do you think adding 'DJ drop'-style effects will help? Furthermore I have contacted him and he said 'everybody does it on here' which I would be shocked if true. Anyone else had something similar happen to them?"

Digital DJ Tips says:

Wow. That guy won't last long, that's the first thing. Second thing, yes, adding professionally produced drops to your mixes would help stop this. Thirdly, you could try reporting him to Mixcloud.

More importantly though, a mix is only a small part of who you are and what you do. Your performance at gigs, your website, the way you respond to emails from potential clients, the relationships you forge in your local scene, your track record, your genuine followers (I could go on, by the way) all form your personal "brand" and your personal set of selling points.

That all adds up to something unique, and some chancer stupidly, shortsightedly and weakly trying to pass your mix off for his own is not really going to change that, trust me.

I hope that helps, but also, I'm going to throw this one open to the readership as well, to see if anyone else has something to add.

So has this ever happened to you? How did you deal with it? What do you think Phil should do? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. If someone feels it necessary to use your mix, to raise their own profile, they really aren't doing themselves any favours. Say, for example, someone hears 'their' (your) mix, and that person gets a gig out of it, will they be able to display the same level of talent, or quality of selection that you have already displayed? could they do it in a live environment? Probably not, otherwise they would have made their own and not nick yours. They'll be caught out.
    Wouldn't worry too much about it. Report it to the host.

  2. Groover The Barbarian says:

    Just report them

  3. [IN]CLUDED says:

    Really annoying but also very flattering. I've never heard of this happening before. I'm pretty sure it hasn't happened to me, clearly my mixes aren't good enough.

    It's pretty sad that someone feels they need to do this. They'll get caught out as Are says.

    I don't really use Mixcloud because it's so hard to get plays without paying but if you can comment then I'd comment and point everyone at your mix which will clearly have an earlier date and time as proof. I'm guessing they also have some method for reporting content issues to, so maybe have a look for that.

  4. DJ Nivekone a.k.a DJ Nivek1 says:

    Phil Sledge: to piggyback off what our fellow DJs have said. I would report him to the Website manager; albeit, in one respect he's giving your mixes more hits, airplay, downloads, and listens. And when called on it...you could possible get some gigs because the club owner or potential client(s) might ask if he didn't make the mix who did?!

    Phil, this isn't as uncommon as you think; especially, in the music business that someone would take another's music creation or idea and pass it off as their own! Yet another reason to sign-up for Digital DJ Tips's newsletters, not to mention some of their other courses that will help you protect you intellectual property rights (mixes). I personally, wouldn't and don't have a problem with people using my mixes and passing them off as their own because I know my self worth. And besides, at the end-of-the-day...he's just show how much he values your DJing skills if he's willing to attach his name to it.

    So keep spinning and creating!

    Peace DJ Nivek1

  5. Francis Chung says:

    1 of my mixes actually got ripped off but Mixcloud were very efficient and helpful in removing the offending mix.
    I hadn't noticed before as I only recently moved to Mixcloud (from Soundcloud) and the offending mix was on the site for more than a year.

    as [IN]CLUDED said above, it was a mixture of feeling very annoyed and flattered at the same time.

    I think Mixcloud's recommendation algorithm / engine will try and pick out a similar mix once your current mix finishes playing. That's how I discovered my "doppleganger" mix.

    • Brendan O'Melia says:

      Hi Francis,

      I wonder whether you might be able to give me a bit more detail about the process as this has happened to me with chunks of my mixes being used so the tracks are not in the same order but fades instead of mixes for mine and the culprit's chillout mixes, I can hear the fades where is has plagiarized directly from at three of my mixes to create in effect a remix of my mixes, which I am not flattered by. Not only would the quality be less, as he is not sourcing it directly from the artist as I have done and it is not timestamped to give credit to the artist but sourced directly from my mixes. So I have added a comment on his profile which I may have to remove, it was assertive without being threatening, however I reported my concerns to mixcloud and they have sent a waiver, which I presume absolves them from liability. I have not committed to this and mixcloud are not forthcoming to clarify which rights I have as far at the mix which I choose to publish on their platform is mine and mixcloud's 'intellectual property' I have read the terms and conditions and there seems to be ambiguity with the section about rights and waivering rights whether this is mixcloud and it's stakeholders or whether this relates to anyone using the platform can derive material and has that right to do so, this is not exclusive to just gaining inspiration from the DJ identifying their tunes, so I would require clarification. I do not want to find myself unprotected if I am making allegations toward a fellow user.

      So if there is a way to inform me of the process which you followed in order to get the offensive mix removed and his profile shut down?

      The more info I have the better as I wish to go through the proper channels. I doubt the guy could threaten me with legal action for libel, deformation of character due to my allegations, however I wish to know what I need to do to get this properly investigated and stopped. I know I can block him but he could still use another login which I have five separate mixcloud pages under different gmails in order to compartmentalize my eclectic tastes in music etc. I fully support mixcloud and support the artists whole I celebrate and share. I was shocked that this lack of originality was going on. We all appropriate and gain inspiration from all over, but this kind of blatant theft and passing it off as your own and gaining appreciation from others when you have done all the spadework and have probably a deeper or at least more sincere connection with it and incentive for doing it does not please me in the slightest. Any input from any similar experiences is greatly appreciated.

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