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Filmed on location as well as in Digital DJ Tips's studios, Dance Music Formula is our brand-new free three-part training series, that shows you how to make a dance track of your own in just a week.

I've just come back from filming on location for our brand-new free training course, Dance Music Formula. It's a free three-part video series that shows anyone how to produce a tune in just a week: No need to know how to play an instrument, no need for any musical theory, and definitely no need for any production gear.

Co-taught with our very own Joey Santos, who brings over a decade of experience running his own studio and producing hundreds of commercially successful tracks himself, Dance Music Formula contains all the tricks you need to help you get started. It contains the secrets of producers who are making tracks day in day out for a living, and shows you how to beat the "don't know where to start" trap, or the "I've got one half finished tune I've been 'working' on for six months" gambit.

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The Dance Music Formula free training course goes live in less than a week. It is for everyone, but is especially suitable if you're a complete beginner, or have tried (and tried and tried) to make music, but never seem to get anything finished.

So if you're interested in learning how to make music, whether to take your DJing career up a level or simply because it's something you've always wanted to do, you're going to want to take this course.

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