The Two Dirty Secrets Music Producers Don't Want You To Know

Phil Morse DJ

Want to see our very own Phil Morse really going for it on the guitar? Well sorry, I can't promise you that. But I can promise you the two big secrets that pro producers know, secrets that'll get you making music - finally! - easily and successfully.

Ever wondered how the big names in dance music manage to make so many tracks, seemingly effortlessly, when amateur producers often struggle to finish anything at all? Or how the top producers always seem to make tracks that sound instantly familiar, yet different enough to guarantee their success?

It's all down to the way they approach making music - and the truth is that these tactics are likely to be the complete opposite to everything you've ever been told about how music is made.

The beauty of these secrets is that they can be learned by anyone who has any interest in making music. Most producers can't play an instrument, and have no musical training - yet they follow this formula and make great track after great track.

How to learn the secrets and start producing today


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Our free Dance Music Formula video training course, which runs all this week and to which we've just added the second of three video lessons - reveals these secrets. It shows you how you can finish your first track in just a few days, no matter whether or not you've tried to produce music before. It assumes no prevous knowledge and as long as you have a laptop, you can take part - no need to play any instruments, have any equipment, or spend money on software or sounds. Just follow along!

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  1. Andrzej Rozek says:

    Hi Joey & Phil
    Once again thanks for a great video. Even though I've allready took Music production course I still find it intresting. Could you help me guys to solve the mysterium, how can I make a sound like many modern pop songs have fx. Intro from Maroon 5 - Don't wanna know.
    Many thanks
    Regards Andre

  2. Jean Roos says:

    Hi guys, just want to find out I just bought a electric piano, Will this make a difference if use the piano sound for entrance of the mixes I make.
    Kind regards

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