The Return Of The World's Biggest Free DJ Training Event

Digital DJ Masterclass 2017

Coming soon - this year's Digital DJ Masterclass free online DJ training event. Make sure you reserve your place now...

Every year, Digital DJ Tips opens its doors and invites anyone serious about improving their DJing to join us for a week of absolutely free online DJ training. Designed for beginners or anyone serious about improving their skills, our Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event is huge - it helped over 12,000 DJs last year, and you could be one of them this year.

For 2017, as in previous events, the training uses a killer combination of videos, free downloads, tutor and community feedback, and special Q&A sessions. By the end of the week, we guarantee it will have helped to kickstart your DJing, or give you a boost if you're feeling stuck.

You'll join us not only here in our studios, but also behind the scenes at the Ministry of Sound in London. Get ready to learn many of the secrets of successful club DJs, from music selection and mixing to what's expected of you in the pro DJ booth.

How to register:

If you're already a Digital DJ Tips member (ie you get our emails), you need do nothing - we've reserved a place for you, and we'll email you when it opens.

If you're not currently a Digital DJ Tips member (or you're not sure if you are), just click here and give us your best email address - we'll join you up immediately and you'll then be eligible to take part on this year's event.

Don't miss it - Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event 2017 is coming very soon!

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