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Save up to $100 on each and every course you buy from Digital DJ Tips throughout this long May holiday weekend, in our Big Spring Sale. With all of our currently available courses included, now is a great time to stock up on training to help you push your DJing and music-making to the next level over the coming weeks and months...

Review & Video: IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors

IK Multimedia is a company that has always specialised in small but high quality devices for the travelling or at least space-conscious electronic musician, and the iLoud Micro Monitors certainly fit that remit. However, they're sold as serious micro studio monitors, with a price tag to match. Do they hold up to scrutiny? Let's find out...

Do You Wanna Join The Digital DJ Tips A Team?

"In 2010, a crack DJ crew was sent to prison by the Anti-Sync Police for a crime they didn't commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the digital DJ underground. For the past six years, still wanted by the vinyl purists, they survive running a website teaching the world all about the new ways of DJing..."

Over To You: Should I Share My Playlists With Other DJs?

A nice question came on over on our Facebook Page, from Sam, who asks: "Hey guys got a question for you and the community. How do you feel about sharing music libraries? I have spent a lot of time building my library and paying for music. I have these DJs who are just starting that are asking me what the best songs are.

Over To You: DJs Telling Lies To Advance Their Careers...

Digital DJ Tip Platinum Group member Joe writes: "I'm not out to tarnish anyone's business so I'm leaving names out of it. But yesterday in a global DJ forum someone claimed directly to me that he owned several businesses in order to make out that he's more successful than he actually is.

Friday Roundup: Was That The Best 10 Years Ever In Dance Music?

Maybe it's too early to be nostalgic about it, but that hasn't stopped Mixmag getting all teary-eyed over the last 10 years in dance music. This and more in our Friday Roundup of the best of the DJing web. We've trawled for great stories so you don't have to...

Unfair & Unworkable: Why The Digital DJ Licence Is A Farce

In most countries and throughout the recent history of public performance of music, the person who benefits from the profits of that performance has had to be the one to pay for some kind of public performance licence. The money from there goes to those who were involved in the making of the music. So far so good, right? So why is there now a "digital DJ licence", too?