Faderfox Micromodul DS3

$299 £141 €201
Faderfox Micromodul DS3
The Faderfox DS3 is for you if you're interested in working those sample decks of Traktor, and all from a tiny add-on device that you can throw in your bag and forget.
DS3 is the perfect solution if you like to work with samples, loops, hot cues and FX in Traktor Pro 2. The device has 12 extra large keys with a perfect tactile feeling to fire samples and for convenient access to eight hot cues and all the transport functions.
As with all of these controllers, this one tries to do one thing really well (in this case, Traktor's Sample Decks and loop recorder - note, not Remix Decks), while still having a bash at most of the software's other functions. You'll be using this alongside another controller and/or a mixer/decks.
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