Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus
The new flagship, which brings much of the power of software/controller DJing right into pro DJ booth hardware, and adds a whole host of WiFi features as well.
Inheriting the DNA of the much-loved CDJ-2000, the CDJ-2000 nexus has evolved beyond DJs' wildest dreams. DJs can prepare amazing sets and playlists using the included rekordbox software or download the new rekordbox app to access the same features on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones or tablets.
Insanely expensive but gets top marks for setting a new standard. Wifi for rekordbox, really good zoomable, beat and bar-gridded colour waveforms, apps for mobile devices to prepare tunes and "throw" them to the players on arrival at the club, quantise on playback for cues etc (just like Traktor), needle search, editable beatgrids on the fly... it's basically software controller functionality in a hardware player. Oh and Slip mode is back (hurray!).
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