Pioneer XDJ-Aero

$399 £674 €959
Pioneer XDJ Aero
The Pioneer XDJ-Aero is an innovative wireless-based system that relies heavily on rekordbox software although you can use it with other DJ software too.
By downloading special mobile applications for smart phones and tablets (free of charge), and connecting the Wireless DJ System via Wi-Fi, DJ play can be enjoyed using music stored in each of these devices (max four devices). In addition, the included rekordbox music management software enables DJing with music stored inside a Windows PCs and Mac.  
Innovative, consumer-led take on the "wireless tablet / smartphone / laptop plus USB" functionality of the new CDJ-2000nexus players, in an all-in-one format. Pricy, somewhat gimmicky device, built in plastic, but undeniably fun. While it can be used with DJ software, this unit makes that optional.
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