5 Reasons All DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

Back in 2011, we published an article about how music production was becoming less an option, more a necessity for the modern DJ. In the time since, that has only become more true. Certainly if you want to have a jet-setting DJ career it's taken as read nowadays that you produce, but even for mobile DJs and hobbyists, production is more and more becoming just part of what us DJs do. Here's why...

Why Every DJ Should Read Moby's "Porcelain"

We rarely review books here, but we're making an exception for Moby's memoir, "Porcelain". Not only because it's honest, funny, down to earth, and full of irony (a vegan Christian in a drug-fulled, rock'n'roll world), but more because of the fact that it deals with his time before he became a superstar, and so is a treasure trove of advice for DJ/producers.

12 Of Our Members' Weirdest DJ Gigs Ever...

It certainly seems like our members aren't scared of playing anywhere and everywhere. A recent post where a member related his strangest gig has led to a whole load of stories from others. From swingers to bird-watchers, everyone needs DJs... Here are 12 of our favourites.

Friday Roundup: 10 Rules Every Working DJ Should Follow

I have to say the level of excitement here at Digital DJ Tips is reaching fever pitch as we prepare for our Digital DJ Lab launch on Monday... but we've still had enough downtime this last week to scout around for interesting stories to share with you from elsewhere...

Why Dumbing Down May Be Denon DJ's Trojan Horse

Denon DJ, if you haven't noticed, just launched a full-out assault on the dominance of Pioneer DJ in the pro booth. The company's Prime gear represents the most serious attempt by any manufacturer to challenge Pioneer's stronghold in professional venues for decades. But can it beat Pioneer DJ? Maybe it can...

[NAMM 2017] Exclusive Interview With Jean-Michel Jarre

He's sold 80 million albums. He's had a 45-year career in electronic music. He was putting on huge sound and light shows when most of today's EDM DJs weren't even born. Oh, and his grandfather could just have invented the turntable. Legendary electronic producer and performer Jean-Michel Jarre talks to us here at NAMM 2017.

[NAMM 2017] Video: Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

We got a first hands-on look at the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime here at the NAMM 2017 Media Preview Day. The SC5000 Prime is a forward-looking media player that in all honesty has to be seen to be properly understood, because the hi-res renders doing the rounds don't do justice to the build quality.