[NAMM 2017] Video: Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

We got a first hands-on look at the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime here at the NAMM 2017 Media Preview Day. The SC5000 Prime is a forward-looking media player that in all honesty has to be seen to be properly understood, because the hi-res renders doing the rounds don't do justice to the build quality.

6 Reasons Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Start DJing

It used to be the case that everyone grew up wanting to be a football player or in a band. Today, it is more likely to be a football player or a DJ, and I hate to break it to you kids, but unless you are the right build and have enough natural ability, you ain’t going to be a pro football player.

Tell Us Your DJing Goal For 2017

Every year we ask you to share your DJing goal for the next 12 months with us. This year is no different - we'd like each and every Digital DJ Tips member reading this to hit "Reply" at the bottom of this post, and let us know the one biggest thing you want to achieve in your DJing this year.

All The Big Changes In DJ Technology From The Past 12 Months

The past 12 months saw lots of new hardware, software, collaborations and integrations in the world of DJing, many of which point to exciting things to come in 2017. Today, we take a look back at the important developments from 2016 that you need to know about, and make a few predictions as to what 2017 might bring.

"I've Decided To Quit DJing. Here's Why..."

After four years of running a successful mobile DJ business in my small town, I've been thinking about the future of my DJing career and decided to take an indefinite hiatus. I actually played my last gig of 2016 on Saturday, and it went very well, so at least I had one good gig to send me off. So why have I decided to quit? Here are my reasons:

The SoundCloud DJ Mix Changes: What You Really Need To Know

It caused quite a stir on Friday when we published for the first time anywhere in English the words of Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud's co-founder, announcing that the service would no longer be taking DJ mixes down. Our exact translation from the original German interview for Groove Magazine was picked up far and wide.

This Is What Happens When Hi-Fi & Nightclubs Meet

So we all know that one hi-fi buff, right? It could even be you. Someone who spends thousands on individual pieces of gear - valve amplifiers, hand-made turntables, custom A/D converters - and obsesses over the ultimate sound quality. Theirs is a hushed, solitary world of acoustically deadened rooms and secrets shared between man (it's always a man) and record collection. And then there are nightclubs...