Is It Worth Paying For DJ Training?

This past week, Dubspot, a well-known DJ and music production school, was accused of fraud for not giving DJ tuition to students who had already paid their fees - and in some cases allegedly not even offering a refund. Apparently, this had been going on for a while, with instructors refusing to conduct sessions because they were not being paid by Dubspot.

"I'm A Glutton For Punishment": Roger Sanchez Interviewed

Alongside names like Todd Terry and Kenny Dope, Roger Sanchez - both under his own name and his "S Man" alias - has been right at the heart of house music for decades. From the more soulful and song-based variety to deeper, techier sounds, he's as relevant now as ever. Here he talks to Phil Morse about his career.

Unfair & Unworkable: Why The Digital DJ Licence Is A Farce

In most countries and throughout the recent history of public performance of music, the person who benefits from the profits of that performance has had to be the one to pay for some kind of public performance licence. The money from there goes to those who were involved in the making of the music. So far so good, right? So why is there now a "digital DJ licence", too?

Laidback Luke: "I Don't See Myself As A Real DJ..."

In this exclusive interview with Laidback Luke, the hugely successful Dutch DJ talks to us here at Digital DJ Tips about his career, about his daily routines, interests outside of DJing, and what he thinks young/new DJs and producers sometimes get wrong. He also explains his decision to switch to the new Denon DJ gear after a decade of playing on CDJs his gigs.

The Sad Decline Of DJing At Musikmesse 2017

The DJ part of the 2017 Musikmesse was a strange non-event. What had once been a huge, busy event with lots of new gear on show was no more. Instead we got a boring, tiny and frankly tacky little room with very little of interest in it.

7 Big DJ/Producer Myths Busted

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles to making music, like "what if I produce something and it doesn't sound good?", or "what if no one likes it?". So in the spirit of helping you get past the fear and started in music production, let's debunks some of the biggest myths right now...

5 Reasons All DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

Back in 2011, we published an article about how music production was becoming less an option, more a necessity for the modern DJ. In the time since, that has only become more true. Certainly if you want to have a jet-setting DJ career it's taken as read nowadays that you produce, but even for mobile DJs and hobbyists, production is more and more becoming just part of what us DJs do. Here's why...