Friday Roundup: Who Daft Punk Sampled On Their Greatest Hits

In this week's foray into the wide world of other DJ and music websites, we've a reveal of some of the samples Daft Punk used on their greatest hits (you may be surprised), Mark Knight teaches on playing long DJ sets, and there's a great piece on the changing face of promoting. It's all in your ever-relevant Friday Roundup!

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Minirig, Our Favourite Bluetooth Speaker, Just Got Better

There are certain things that say a lot about a DJ. Their choice of headphones. How they answer the question: "so what do you listen to at home?" And, I'd say, the type of portable speaker they pull out for a bit of music "on the go". And for me, that speaker has always been the Minirig, which has just been updated.

How The Cloud Is Making Music Production Easy For All

It was, probably, inevitable. I mean, streaming music is now the norm for consumers, and increasingly so for DJs, as Pulselocker and similar services bring the idea of storing and accessing your DJ tracks from the cloud to the mainstream. And now it's happening in music production, too...

Friday Roundup: SoundCloud Will Now Pay For Your DJ Mixes!

In yet another bizarre twist in the old "should I / shouldn't I upload my mixes to SoundCloud?" conundrum, news comes this week of a way DJs can get paid for uploading their mixes to the service. It's the first of our stories from around the web in this week's Friday Roundup...

Numark NTX1000 Direct Drive Turntable Announced

Numark just announced a new, high-torque direct-drive turntable, the NTX1000. It has an S-shaped tonearm, variable pitch range of ±8, 16 and 50%, and comes with a cartridge-mounted headshell, allowing you to get going right out of the box. It has been priced keenly to compete with the likes of the Pioneer DJ PLX500.

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