Exclusive: Fakin' The Funk App Weeds Out Rubbish Music Files

No, it doesn't tell you whether the song is good or not, but this interesting new app called Fakin' The Funk does answer a question that DJs often ask: Is this 320mbps MP3 or so-called lossless WAV really so great, or is is just a YouTube rip or similar of a badly mastered file, craftily exported in a more acceptable format?

Remixvideo Is Now On The App Mac Store

We spoke about Mixvibes' Remixvideo app previously. It is kind of like the company's popular Remixlive suite of apps (that let you compose easily with loops), but for video. Well, the company just informed us that Remixvide been added to the Mac App Store and therefore is available.

SoundSwitch Wants To Replace Your Lighting Guy

OK, so you haven't got a lighting guy, right? You don't have somebody dedicated to pressing faders and buttons on a dedicated DMX lighting desk to give your DJ sets a bit of something "extra"? Of course you don't! Who does? And that's where SoundSwitch wants to help.

Friday Roundup: How Your Favourite DJ Got Their Name

Well, if you've ever wondered where DJs get their names from, now's your chance to find out! It's the first of our stories in this week's roundup of all that's been happening around the DJ and music industry websites. Have a great weekend, whatever you're up to...

The World's Biggest DJ Survey Results Are In...

Each year, Digital DJ Tips conducts its Global Digital DJ Census, the biggest DJ survey anywhere in the world. At the end of 2016 when we conducted the most recent survey, over 12,000 DJs took part, meaning it offers a unique and accurate reflection of our audience and, by extension, of the DJing world as a whole. And today, we're letting you in on the headline results...

Friday Roundup: Does Vinyl Really Sound Better?

Those of us of a certain age fondly recall the reassuring thud of a needle settling into a groove, and the ensuing warm, fuzzy sound of music from vinyl. But is it actually better than digital? Get an engineer's perspective in the first of our Friday Roundup stories this week...

Is It A Minimal Watch? No, It's A Subwoofer Called Basslet

This is something we immediately dismissed as ridiculous. It is a tiny wrist-worn device that fools your body into thinking it is, in fact, a subwoofer. Nah, we thought. But then things start to pile up. A good friend leaves an established music company to join the company that makes this. Another CEO of an equally large company shows me one excitedly, saying "you gotta try it". I an suddenly intrigued.