Over To You: Should I Share My Playlists With Other DJs?

A nice question came on over on our Facebook Page, from Sam, who asks: "Hey guys got a question for you and the community. How do you feel about sharing music libraries? I have spent a lot of time building my library and paying for music. I have these DJs who are just starting that are asking me what the best songs are.

Over To You: DJs Telling Lies To Advance Their Careers...

Digital DJ Tip Platinum Group member Joe writes: "I'm not out to tarnish anyone's business so I'm leaving names out of it. But yesterday in a global DJ forum someone claimed directly to me that he owned several businesses in order to make out that he's more successful than he actually is.

What To Do If You're Threatened While DJing

Digital DJ Tips Platinum Group Member, Peter, writes: "So I was DJing at a bar last night, a guy requested a song that I knew wasn't going to flow and I was on a winning streak with the tracks I was playing. The guy didn't take too well to me not playing his track to the point where he picked up a bottle and started threatening me.

Your Questions: What Are The 5 Most Important Steps To DJing?

Interesting question I want to answer for you today, from Digital DJ Tips reader Gurmai. He asks: "What do you think what are the five most important and effective things that can help to become a DJ? I want to make the shift in seven months not seven days, so we can go deeper then how to mix two tracks..."

Over To You: Can I Jam With Another DJ Halfway Around The World?

Digital DJ Tips member Flavien Robert writes: "I'm looking to do a back-to-back live stream with a friend (my DJ mentor, actually), except he's in Japan and I'm in France. Would you know of any application allowing us to do that? I found lots of stuff on live streaming, but nothing for several DJs in different locations. Any advice?"

Your Questions: Is Ableton Live 9 Worth The Price Tag?

Over on the Digital DJ Tips forum, Sy Swint asks: "I want to learn how to produce but I'm not sure which digital audio workstation to buy? I'm leaning towards Ableton but it is twice the price of some other, seemingly professional, DAWs like Logic Pro. Is Ableton L:ive 9 worth the higher price tag?"

Over To You: "I Want To Change All My Music To The Same BPM..."

One of our readers has a slightly bizarre request. Mike writes: "Does anyone know of software that can batch adjust all of my music to a single BPM? I would like to save my MP3s to all the same BPM to speed up the time it takes for me to ready my next record when I am playing..."