Over To You: "I Want To Change All My Music To The Same BPM..."

One of our readers has a slightly bizarre request. Mike writes: "Does anyone know of software that can batch adjust all of my music to a single BPM? I would like to save my MP3s to all the same BPM to speed up the time it takes for me to ready my next record when I am playing..."

Your Questions: Should I Organise My Music In My DJ Software?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Bryan Douglass writes: "I am just getting back into the DJ game after many years. After looking at all of the software, I have decided that Virtual DJ will fit my needs. My question is it better to download MP3 files on your hard drive and organise them in virtual DJ, or use a outside program?"

Your Questions: Should I Throw Free Parties To Play The Music I Love?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Rob S writes: "All I want to do is play techno every weekend. I've hosted the odd thing (alone and with friends), played the odd night here and there, but ultimately I just want to play out every week, and play the music I like. I'm not interested in the money or anything other than playing."

Over To You: What Are Acceptable Tax Write-Offs For DJs?

Digital DJ Tips forum member DJ Vitico writes in with a great question, the answer to which varies depending where in the world you are. He says: "I'm wondering in the US can we claim our DJing expenses for tax deductions? Like buying a new laptop, record pool fees, buying new music gear, etc?"

Over To You: How To Play Marathon DJ Sets

Digital DJ Lab member Chris Marchant writes: "I've got something that's been weighing on me since summer. How to prepare for marathon-length DJ sessions? I've been attending weekend-long parties, which I've played sets as long as 14 hours at a time..."

Your Questions: How Do I Ask To DJ With My Controller In A Club?

Digital DJ Lab member Elroy writes: "I had a question regarding playing at clubs, I currently own the Numark NV2 controller, so what happens if I show up to clubs which have CDJs? Do I just tell them I prefer playing on my controller? What would be the best way to convey that message, since [...]

Over To You: When DJ Price Quoting Goes Horribly Wrong...

One of our Digital DJ Tips VIP Platinum Group member shared this screenshot, writing: "I thought I'd share an enquiry I had yesterday that made me p*** myself laughing and wondered if anyone had funny incidents of their own to share on enquiries/bookings?"