Over To You: When DJ Price Quoting Goes Horribly Wrong...

One of our Digital DJ Tips VIP Platinum Group member shared this screenshot, writing: "I thought I'd share an enquiry I had yesterday that made me p*** myself laughing and wondered if anyone had funny incidents of their own to share on enquiries/bookings?"

Over To You: Somebody Ripped Off My DJ Mix!

Digital DJ Tips member Phil Sledge writes: "Someone has audio ripped one of my mixes off Mixcloud and uploaded it to his own, saying 'welcome to my new mix' and so on. Firstly should I be annoyed or say 'that's life'? I have contacted him and he said 'everybody does it on here' which I would be shocked if true. Anyone else had something similar happen to them?"

Over To You: How Do I Approach My First Ever Festival Gig?

Digital DJ Tips member Rodwell writes: "I am a bedroom DJ from Zimbabwe who has played a couple of house parties and two public performances. I recently entered and won an opportunity to open at one of the biggest music festivals. I love to mix deep house/tech house and dance. I am feeling very nervous because I have never performed for more than 10 to 20 people."

Over To You: What's The Oddest Gig You've Ever Played?

Robert writes: "I started out my DJing career playing deep house at clubs but over time my sound has developed to encompass a large spectrum of genres that loosely fits within the realms of synth pop, future bass and experimental. I've found this new creative direction really satisfying but I find the places I want to play at are very different from the club scene I know well."

Your Questions: How Much Should I Charge For A Club Gig?

Digital DJ Tips reader Junior writes: "You've covered quite a lot of subjects but I haven't seen you cover anything to do with the business side of things in terms of how to price a gig. Be it a club gig or a festival gig or a party. I'm ready to take on a few gigs especially clubs, but no idea on pricing. Any chance you can help?"

Your Questions: How Should I Mix Trap For A Frat Party?

Digital DJ Tips member DJ LABVL writes: "I'm getting ready to DJ at a frat party later this month, but I'm having a problem: I'm gonna be playing for a huge crowd of gyrating teens/young adults who wanna grind to hip hop and trap music. I'm having a hard time getting into the higher BPM ranges without screwing up the mixing and transitions."

Over To You: A Quick Rant About Clueless DJs...

Digital DJ Tips member DJ Jimmy G writes: "So, recently I have seen some distressing things in the DJ booth. I was hired by a promoter to play peak time, so I got there early to chill out and network. So I'm in the booth and the DJ keeps putting his headphones down on the platter (which of course stops the music)..."