DJ Hardware Reviews

Review & Video: Hercules Universal DJ Controller

Hercules has always been somewhat of a non-conformist in the DJ controller market: The build and layout of their controllers tend to march to their own beat. Now the company has come up with the Hercules Universal DJ, a controller that can be used on a laptop, tablet, or combination of both. We take a look at it in this review.

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DJ Software Reviews

Review & Video: Stems On Traktor 2.9 + Kontrol S8, D2 & F1

Stems is a new audio file format developed by Native Instruments for DJs. With compatible DJ hardware and software, Stems give the user independent control over four parts of a track (for instance drums, bass, synth and vocal). Today we bring you a full and complete review, including two talkthrough videos.

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DJ Accessory Reviews

BPM 2015: DJ Standz Matrix Booth Video Talkthrough

Get the lowdown on this neat new foldable DJ stand from UK company DJ Standz, a modern and cool way to set up your gear at mobile gigs or even in your bedroom / living room studio, with clever additions for shelving, lighting and of course all your gear. It’ll be available soon.

BPM 2015: SubPac Talkthrough Video

We’ve spotted something really neat here at the BPM Show called the Sub-Pac. It’s a pad that you place on your chair’s backrest and it lets you feel very low bass frequencies, kind of like standing next to a bass bin at a club. While this has been around in the gaming community for quite sometime, a new version made especially for DJs is on its way.

BPM 2015: UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag Talkthrough Video

We stopped by the UDG stand here at the BPM Show and saw some new coloured versions of the Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag. It’s a zippered bag that’s got a compartment for your cans, along with slots for your thumb drives, SD cards, and other small items. It was originally available in black only, and now UDG’s got a variety of colours to choose from.

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