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Reloop Beatmix 4

Review & Video: Reloop Beatmix 4 Serato Controller

Remember the days when DJ controllers came with vague instructions about getting them working with any number of different software options? How things have changed, and the easy-to-use but capable Reloop Beatmix 4 for Serato DJ Intro is a really good example of that.

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DJ Software Reviews

mixur icon img 2

Review & Video: Mixur Template For Traktor

In this article we’re going to review Mixur, which is a Lemur template custom built to take control of Traktor Pro 2. Developed by Desertfox studios, it’s a great introduction into the world of Lemur objects and interfaces, as we shall see…

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DJ Accessory Reviews


Review & Video: Pioneer DJC-SC2 System Bag

A DJ bag or flight case should be in any gigging DJ’s list right after a controller purchase. There simply is no reason not to protect a piece of gear that you’ve invested your hard-earned cash in, especially with today’s sensitive DJ kit. This is Pioneer DJ’s solution for DJs who have a mid-sized controller like the XDJ-Aero or the DDJ-SR.

magma workstation feat img

Review & Video: Magma Workstation Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Upon arriving at the Digital DJ Tips office this morning I was greeted by an imposingly large box at the front door. “That’s the Magma flight case for the DDJ-SZ we’re reviewing today, Joey” Phil casually mentioned, “Won’t you bring it inside please and we’ll have a proper look.”

A smart DJ stand / portable booth can revolutionise your  level of professionalism, from the smallest mobile gig to pop-up parties and festivals.

Review: Prolyte LiteConsole DJ Console

While 90% of DJ console stands are similar and to be honest, either drab or impractical, today’s review is of a model I got a full demo of at Musikmesse 2014, from Prolyte called the LiteConsole – and it’s the bomb!

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