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Review & Video: Mixtrack Platinum Serato DJ Controller

Numark certainly isn't a brand scared to innovate, having produced the first DJ controller with three screens (the Numark NV), and now, the first with displays built in to the jogwheels. What's more impressive is that the Mixtrack Platinum isn't a high-ticket item; in fact, it's aimed squarely at the budget end of the market. In today's review we'll see how it all stacks up...

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DJ Software Reviews

[BPM|PRO 2016] Rekordbuddy 2.0 Video Talkthrough

We caught up with Rekordbuddy creator Damien Sirkis at the BPM|PRO DJ Show and asked him to give us a look at the upcoming final version of Rekordbuddy 2.0, the app that lets you sync your track collection, playlists, cue points, and other metadata among Traktor, Serato DJ, and Rekordbox DJ.

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DJ Accessory Reviews

Two Very Different Ways To Protect Your DJ Gear

It's a false economy to buy an expensive DJ controller, and head out to gigs without thinking about how you're going to protect it. In this article and video, we'll look at two very different solutions illustrating the two ends of the protection spectrum, namely the Magma CTRL case, and the Magma DJ Controller Hard Case.

Review & Video: RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi Headphones

We're taking a look at the RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi headphones, a pair designed by respected loudspeaker manufacturer RCF in partnership with electro / pre-EDM superstar Benny Benassi. Are the headphones any good? We find out...

Musikmesse 2016: Pioneer DJ New Accessories Roundup Video

As well as its bigger news, Pioneer DJ also had a range of stuff such as headphones, flightcases/bags and speakers to show off at Musikmesse 2016. In this video we round up all the other bits the company launched alongside the Topaiz SP-16 sample player, which of course was what took the headlines.

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