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Review & Video: Denon DJ DS1 Serato DVS Interface

If you’ve got an old pair of turntables or CDJs and a trusty mixer, and you want to switch to digital while keeping the gear you know and love, a DVS or “digital vinyl system” is a great way to go – especially as Denon DJ has stormed in with the DS1 and delivered a Serato DJ DVS system with everything you need to get going.

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DJ Software Reviews


Review & Video: Stems On Traktor 2.9 + Kontrol S8, D2 & F1

Stems is a new audio file format developed by Native Instruments for DJs. With compatible DJ hardware and software, Stems give the user independent control over four parts of a track (for instance drums, bass, synth and vocal). Today we bring you a full and complete review, including two talkthrough videos.

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DJ Accessory Reviews


Review & Video: Samson Synth Seven Wireless Mic

From corporate gigs to weddings, from mobile events to sharing your set with a singer, or just to have an MC as part of your event, many DJs need a microphone… and for some of those, that choice could be wireless. The microphone we’re reviewing today is one such model, the samson Synth Seven Handheld System.


Review & Video: Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth USB Drive

Not all DJs take laptops into the DJ booth, and many prefer to take their music on USB, especially now that Pioneer’s Rekordbox software/hardware offers a viable alternative to the laptop/controller style of DJing. But of course, whatever your reason for choosing to DJ from USB, your choice if USB drive is going to be crucial.


Review & Video: IK Multimedia iRig Studio Mic

Djing in today’s social media, online world is about a lot more than mixtapes and gigs. Mixcloud radio shows and podcasts are vital for many to get their names out there, and of course producing your own tracks is a must for breaking out of your city. Plus there are idents and namedrops to record… all things that demand a good mic.

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