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Review & Video: Novation Launchpad Mini & Launch Control

Two rather neat iOS-compatible controllers offering an incredible amount of control for Novation’s iPad apps, as well as Ableton Live and FL Studio.

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DJ Software Reviews

Pacemaker feat img

Review & Video: Pacemaker DJ App For iPad

Pacemaker may have arrived at a solution to the problem of portable storage space while heralding the future of streaming, subscription based digital DJing that some pundits have casually mentioned since the advent of cloud computing.

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DJ Accessory Reviews

Traktor Bible

Review: Traktor 2 Bible 2014 Edition

Got Traktor? Scratching your head over any or many of its often seemingly unfathomable features? Then the Traktor 2 Bible 2014 Edition is here to hopefully save your day


Review & Video: Beats By Dr Dre Mixr DJ Headphones

Beats headphones get a hard time in certain DJ circles, being bandied around as over-priced, over-fashionable and not for “real” DJs. Thing is, they’re hugely popular So when we got a pair in to review, we tested them with no preconceptions. This is what we thought.


Musikmesse 2014: First Look At The Crane Stand Elite

Encased and out of reach, the Crane Stand Elite is a white version of an updated design from the makers of the original Crane Stand, a well-respect laptop stand for DJs.

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