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Review & Video: Akai Pro AFX Serato DJ Modular Controller

The Akai Pro AFX is a modular controller, designed to be integrated into an existing Serato DJ set-up to give more control over various aspects of the software, such as effects, loops, samples, cue points and more. It works with Serato Flip (Serato’s basic re-editing function) too. Let’s take a closer look…

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ZipDJ Interface

Review: zipDJ Music Download Pool

We ran a roundup of online music download pools last year where we shortlisted the best pools for digital DJs, and we asked readers to tell us about their favourites. One that was consistently mentioned but wasn’t included in the list is zipDJ, which is the service we have for review in this article.

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DJ Accessory Reviews


Review & Video: Reloop Modular Stand

We’ve reviewed plenty of laptop stands over the years here at Digital DJ Tips, but never a stand like this one, which is best described as “honey, I shrunk the laptop stand”! It’s a dinky little model, designed primarily for Reloop’s own Neon controller, but is perfect for any small modular DJ accessory, or – as we found out – the iPad.


Review: Namba XXL Road Pack DJ Backpack

We’ve reviewed several Namba bags before, and we’ve always liked their cheerful styling (“anything but black!”), and clever wired construction making them lightweight but good protectors, even in the front compartment. Now with the XXL Road Pack, the company has a bag that fits the popular Traktor Kontrol S4.

TMA-1 Ghostly

Review & Video: AIAIAI TMA-1 Ghostly Edition DJ Headphones

AIAIAI’s TMA-1 headphones have developed a bit of a cult following since we first reviewed the original TMA-1s nearly three years ago, thanks to their cool, understated design and great sound quality. The latest in a long line of special editions sees Ghostly International putting its name to a variant on the original design.

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