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Reloop Beatmix 4

Review & Video: Reloop Beatmix 4 Serato DJ Intro Controller

Remember the days when DJ controllers came with vague instructions about getting them working with any number of different software options? How things have changed, and the easy-to-use but capable Reloop Beatmix 4 for Serato DJ Intro is a really good example of that.

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DJ Software Reviews

mixur icon img 2

Review & Video: Mixur Template For Traktor

In this article we’re going to review Mixur, which is a Lemur template custom built to take control of Traktor Pro 2. Developed by Desertfox studios, it’s a great introduction into the world of Lemur objects and interfaces, as we shall see…

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DJ Accessory Reviews


Review & Video: Pioneer DJC-SC2 System Bag

A DJ bag or flight case should be in any gigging DJ’s list right after a controller purchase. There simply is no reason not to protect a piece of gear that you’ve invested your hard-earned cash in, especially with today’s sensitive DJ kit. This is Pioneer DJ’s solution for DJs who have a mid-sized controller like the XDJ-Aero or the DDJ-SR.

magma workstation feat img

Review & Video: Magma Workstation Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Upon arriving at the Digital DJ Tips office this morning I was greeted by an imposingly large box at the front door. “That’s the Magma flight case for the DDJ-SZ we’re reviewing today, Joey” Phil casually mentioned, “Won’t you bring it inside please and we’ll have a proper look.”

A smart DJ stand / portable booth can revolutionise your  level of professionalism, from the smallest mobile gig to pop-up parties and festivals.

Review: Prolyte LiteConsole DJ Console

While 90% of DJ console stands are similar and to be honest, either drab or impractical, today’s review is of a model I got a full demo of at Musikmesse 2014, from Prolyte called the LiteConsole – and it’s the bomb!

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