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Review & Video: Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller

Gemini has had a chequered history in the digital DJ world, with a handful of “almost there” devices, and a few that frankly failed to make the mark. But the company appears to have turned it around with the Slate 2 (reviewed here) and the bigger Slate 4.

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DJ Software Reviews


Review: Beatgauge BPM Analyser For iTunes

Your DJ software has built-in BPM detection, but what if you wanted to get the BPM of your tracks in iTunes first? Beatgauge is the answer, and it comes in the form of a tiny app you drag files from your iTunes library to. If you’re on a Mac and use iTunes as the hub of your organising, Beatgauge may be of interest.

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DJ Accessory Reviews

UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

Review & Video: UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

The Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag is UDG’s all-in-one solution that can carry most of what today’s digital DJ needs, especially for club DJs that spin their sets using media players like CDJs. Will this be the only thing you’ll need to carry to your next show? We take a look in this review.

Numark HF350

Review & Video: Numark HF350 Headphones

While more popularly known for its controllers like the Mixtrack Pro and media players, Numark is also a company that produces DJ headphones. What we’re looking at today is the Numark HF350, which is an around-the-ear pair of headphones meant for DJ monitoring. Are they any good? We find out…


Review & Video: Minirig Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Minirig was an instant hit when it came out a couple of years back. A really well made, tiny, rechargeable speaker that finally delivered good sound quality, amazing bass, and pretty much distortion-free music up to an unbelievably high volume. Especially among DJs, it really hit a chord. Here’s our review of the latest version.

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