DJ Hardware Reviews


Review & Video: Korg KAOSS DJ Serato Controller

This small, lightweight, sturdy black plastic box has a unique feature set: Part DJ controller, part FX unit, part standalone mixer, it has a host of potential uses for the working DJ, from Serato backup controller, to centrepiece of hotel room jam sessions, to mic & FX preamp, to send/return FX units, to… well, what would you use it for?

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DJ Software Reviews

MixMeister Express

Review & Video: MixMeister Express Mixtape Maker

MixMeister is meant to be used for creating mixtapes without having to mix, meaning you can drop a 10-song mix in a fraction of the time it used to take to create one. Sure, it’s not DJing, but for DJs who want to make mixtapes as quick possible but don’t because they’ve got “no time” to execute, you no longer have an excuse!

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DJ Accessory Reviews


Review & Video: IK Multimedia iRig Studio Mic

Djing in today’s social media, online world is about a lot more than mixtapes and gigs. Mixcloud radio shows and podcasts are vital for many to get their names out there, and of course producing your own tracks is a must for breaking out of your city. Plus there are idents and namedrops to record… all things that demand a good mic.


Review & Video: KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones

A few years back, KRK introduced the KNS line of monitoring headphones for recording and mixing. With more music being made in bedrooms on computers, a cost-effective monitoring solution that offers a more “neutral” sound for DJ/producers compared to standard DJ cans is a must. We review the KNS8400 in this article.

Chauvet JAM Pack Silver

Review & Video: Chauvet DJ Jam Pack Silver Mini Lights

One thing that has changed ridiculously in the past few years is the size of DJ gear. You can DJ just fine on djay 2 or Traktor DJ on an iPhone, and speakers by the likes of Minirig pack a punch way above their weight. So why shouldn’t lighting get in on the act? That´s exactly what’s happened with the Chauvet DJ Jam Pack Silver.

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