DJ Hardware Reviews

Review & Video: Reloop RMX-60 Digital Mixer

If you’re looking to build a DJ set-up at home that’s similar to the type of gear you find in the clubs, then you’re probably weighing up the costs and features of a whole range of DJ mixers, media players and so on. If so, the Reloop RMX-60 might be one mixer that interest you. Let’s take a closer look…

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DJ Software Reviews

Review & Video: Roland TR-REC Step Sequencing Game

In this review we’ll take a look at Roland’s very own TR-REC app for iOS and Android, which promises to train you how to use a step sequencer through a video game in the style of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Is it any good and, more importantly, is it fun? We find out…

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DJ Accessory Reviews

[NAMM 2016] Blue Lola Headphones Video Talkthrough

Last year Blue Microphones released a headphone that included an onboard headphone amplifier called the Mo-Fi. It was a hit with enthusiasts and those who liked the extra punch the onboard amplifier added, but for straight up DJing it was more than what was necessary.

[NAMM 2016] Samson Z Series Headphones Video Talkthrough

Samson is showing a new series of four headphones here at NAMM 2016, ranging from the $70 Z25 up to the $200 Z55. They all feature a deliberately “flat” frequency response making them suitable for day-to-day music production use, while at the same time having swivelling, closed over-ear cups.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2 Headphones

Pioneer DJ unveiled a refresh of its flagship HDJ-2000 headphones earlier this year at NAMM 2015. Sporting a slightly updated look, the HDJ-2000mk2 also benefits from a bump in audio quality and an improved isolation chamber in the earcups. We’ve had the HDJ-2000mk2 for a few weeks, and we give our thoughts in this review…

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