Review & Video: Remixvideo Video Mixing App For Mac

In this review we're checking out Remixvideo from Mixvibes. It's a standalone VJ app that lets you mix up to six video clips and manipulate them with effects on the fly, and you can also use it as a plugin in a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Ableton Live. Let's dive in...

Review & Video: DJ Player Pro 9 for iOS

Developer iMect boldly touts DJ Player Pro 9 as the “Formula 1 car for the DJ world” and a quick look at the features tells you why – you get four decks, full support for any DVS system, full mapping capabilities for any Midi device, dedicated cloud storage, support for the Stems audio format, and more. Here's our full review.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ WeDJ For iOS

Pioneer DJ is no stranger to digital DJ software - its Rekordbox music management app has matured into a full-on laptop DJing platform. Now, Pioneer DJ has come out with an iOS app meant for simple mixing on the go. Is it a good DJ app to cut your teeth on, or is it a “toy” app better left to weekend warriors and dabblers? We find out…

Review & Video: Mixed In Key 8 For Mac & PC

A decade ago, when key detection was almost unheard of, Mixed In Key revolutionised the game, giving DJs a simple way to instantly know what was likely to mix with what. But with key detection now built in to all major software, does Mixed In Key 8 do enough to make it worth buying? We find out...

[BPM|PRO 2016] Rekordbuddy 2.0 Video Talkthrough

We caught up with Rekordbuddy creator Damien Sirkis at the BPM|PRO DJ Show and asked him to give us a look at the upcoming final version of Rekordbuddy 2.0, the app that lets you sync your track collection, playlists, cue points, and other metadata among Traktor, Serato DJ, and Rekordbox DJ.

3 Reasons Why I Grew To Love This Finger Drumming App

Finger drumming and cue juggling are performance skills that can help set you apart from other DJs who are happy to just mix two songs together. Melodics is an app that aims to teach you how to do those, and in this article I list my top three reasons for getting the app and sticking with it.

Review & Video: Rekordbox Video Add-On For Rekordbox

Pioneer DJ is quickly stepping up in the software arena, pushing out updates to its Rekordbox software at a fever pace. The latest add-on to Rekordbox DJ is Rekordbox Video, which lets you mix, scratch, and manipulate video files like they were tracks. We take a look at the add-on in this review...