Review & Video: Chew Live Streaming For DJs

Chew is a free service that lets you broadcast both video and audio of your DJ set, whether you're in the club or in your bedroom. You can use a laptop with a webcam or a professional camera set-up to stream your DJ sets, and soon you'll be able to stream using your mobile device too (the Chew mobile app is currently in an early testing stage).

Review & Video: Serato Sample Sampling Plugin

Serato announced Serato Sample a few months back. It's a digital audio workstation plugin meant for DJ/producers looking for an easy way to sample music for beat making. In this review, we check out the plugin and see if it's any good for those keen on making beats.

Review & Video: DJcity MP3 Record Pool

DJcity is a promotional music subscription service that provides professional DJs with the latest club and radio music in full-quality 320kbps MP3 format. It focuses on new music and costs US$90 for three months. For that, you get unlimited downloads and each MP3 comes pre-filled with metadata for the artist, track title and BPM.

Review & Video: Late Night Record Pool MP3 Download Pool

Record pools allow DJs to receive promotional music from artists and labels in exchange for exposure and feedback on each release. In the past, record pools sent out physical records and then CDs but nowadays, digital DJ download services have become the norm. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at Late Night Record Pool.

Review & Video: KRFT Production & Performance App For iOS

When KRFT landed on my desk for review, I wasn't sure what it was. Is it an on-the-go production app? Is it a live performance app? Is it a workspace for making your own customised instruments? After playing with it for a couple of days, turns out it is all of that, and a bit more. In this short review, I put KRFT through its paces.

Review & Video: BPM Supreme Record Pool

Record pools have always been a useful tool for working DJs, and this was especially true in the heyday of vinyl DJing. With music now being distributed, sold, and consumed online, digital DJ download services have filled in as de facto replacements for record pools. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at BPM Supreme.

Review & Video: beaTunes 5 Music Library Fixer & Playlist App

beaTunes 5 full review beaTunes is an app for Mac or PC that helps you to improve, correct, update and manage your music files. It analyses your tracks to give you accurate information regarding the tempo, key, mood, danceability and more. It aims to take away the stress of manually checking the metadata of a huge [...]