5 Healthy DJ Lifestyle Changes (That You Can Actually Make)

It's that time of year, right? Gym memberships are up, people are having "dry Januaries", and with gigs a bit thinner on the ground, us DJs find we've got a bit more time on our hands to think about how we can change our lives for the better - which let's face it, in our profession usually means trying to get a bit more healthy.

What It's Like To Play A Gig For The Over Eighties

So I'm a part-time DJ from Belgium. I used play at parties, weddings, and so on. My mother moved to a nursing home when she turned 82. She's been going to dance evenings, she even went on a week trip to the seaside -it's like she's starting all over again. So when then wanted to organise another event, I decided to volunteer to DJ for them. Here's what happened...

5 Essential Tips For DJing On New Year's Eve

Just about to pack up your music and DJ gear and head out to play a New Year's Eve gig? Once you've had a final check, why not take five minutes to scan through this list of tips to help make sure your DJ set goes with a bang...

Welcome! 5 Things Brand New DJs Should Do First

So you got a DJ controller for Christmas. That's awesome - welcome to the big, wide world of digital DJing. You've come to the right place to get started, as we are the world's biggest digital DJ training site, with everything you could possibly need to get going.

7 Things Average DJs Do Wrong At Office Parties

So you've been asked to DJ an office Christmas party. Maybe you got the gig through a local hotel, restaurant or social club that booked an event for a big company in your town, Maybe you actually work for the company throwing the party. Point is, you're probably not a full-time mobile DJ used to this kind of gig. This is a bit out of your comfort zone. So what do you do?

Thanksgiving Weekend: Some Thoughts for Aspiring DJs

Certainly in the USA, "thanksgiving" is on everyone's minds right now, and the sea surge of people being "thankful" in print, online, and across social media over the last couple of days reminded me of this meme that has been doing the rounds recently - and the lessons within for anyone trying to succeed in the world of DJing.

10 Silly Mistakes Beginners Make When Choosing A DJ Name

Choosing a DJ name is one of the most important early decision you'll make when getting started as a DJ. Get it right, and you'll have an instantly recognisable name that tells the world the kind of DJ you are and helps get you noticed. Get it wrong, and all kind of obstacles will block your path to success. Here are some of the rookie errors people make time and time again.