Last Night A Thumb Drive Saved My Life

I DJed to a packed club last week. It was past midnight, the crowd was getting rowdy, and the floor was ready to pop. I was the guest headliner, and people turned up eager to dance to my music. Unfortunately, my laptop wasn't cooperating with the club's XDJ/DJM gear...

7 Simple Cable Management Tricks For DJs

DJ cables - of course you need them, but they turn even the cleanest of desks and booths into veritable rat's nests. In this article, we share our top tricks for taming those pesky leads and keeping your workspace clean and organised. They're simple, don't cost a lot of money, and are something that you could do over the weekend...

A Beginner's Guide To Digital Vinyl Systems

Digital Vinyl Systems, or DVS, can feel like a a complicated topic and beginners can be forgiven for seeing it all as witchcraft! In this article we'll demystify the art and science of using traditional DJ gear to control DJ software, explaining how it works, why you may wish to use it, then talking through your options for getting started.

Masterguide: Know Your DJ Cables

DJ cables are hardly the most glamorous part of your set-up but without them, nothing works. There's a confusing array of plugs and cables to deal with in a typical set-up, and many DJs (experienced or not) have no idea where to start. In this guide, we will cover all the cables you are most likely to come across while DJing.

How To Rip Vinyl Into Rekordbox

We're digital DJs - we mix with USB sticks and laptops hooked up to controllers, CDJs, and turntables with DVS. We're all music lovers, and we all have music on our hard drives - but what about all your old vinyl lurking in your garage or attic? Here's how to rip your records into Rekordbox.

Your Questions: Is Ableton Live 9 Worth The Price Tag?

Over on the Digital DJ Tips forum, Sy Swint asks: "I want to learn how to produce but I'm not sure which digital audio workstation to buy? I'm leaning towards Ableton but it is twice the price of some other, seemingly professional, DAWs like Logic Pro. Is Ableton L:ive 9 worth the higher price tag?"

5 Simple Steps Towards Making Time For DJing

Nobody has enough time nowadays, right? I sure as hell know I don't. No matter how much I plan, how organised I try to be, and how much I say it'll be different this year, whenever anyone asks how it's going, I almost invariably say that same thing: "Y'know, busy..." So if that sounds like you, and you feel like you're not giving you DJing the time it needs, what to do?