Welcome! 5 Things Brand New DJs Should Do First

So you got a DJ controller for Christmas. That's awesome - welcome to the big, wide world of digital DJing. You've come to the right place to get started, as we are the world's biggest digital DJ training site, with everything you could possibly need to get going.

Missed Our Free DJ Coaching Session? Catch Up Here...

To celebrate the launch of my new book, Rock The Dancefloor!, I recently held a free live coaching session with several hundred of our readers and students who had bought the book on its first day of release, as a way of thanking them. The response to the webinar was so great, and we had [...]

The Digital DJ Tips DJ Test is Live - How Will You Score?

For months now we’ve had a crack team of savvy web geniuses locked away in a secret bunker somewhere in central London working on something totally game-changing, and today we’re unveiling to you exactly what all the effort has been for. Introducing... The DJ Test.

5 Ways DJs Can Use Facebook Live To Grow A Fanbase

Live video broadcasting is starting to become mainstream - apps like Periscope and Meerkat led the charge, but Facebook Live is the service that's bringing live video to the world on a scale previously unreached. Broadcasting with Facebook Live is so easy anyone with a smartphone or tablet can do it, but here's the thing - not everyone is... yet.

Using Engine As A Serato Backup With The Denon DJ MCX8000

The Denon DJ MCX8000 is a popular controller for Serato DJ, but it has an ace up its sleeve: It also works with Denon's own Engine software. Engine lets you analyse your collection beforehand, pop it onto a USB drive, then play with it on the MCX8000. And that, in our view, makes it the perfect backup solution for gigging Serato DJs.

All You Need To Know About DJ Technical Riders

Do you ever wonder how the world's biggest DJs can just walk onstage, plug their USB sticks / laptop in, and get going? That's because professional touring DJs have what's called a technical rider. We take a look at what the rider is and how to make one for yourself.

How I DJ With Stems Part 4: Prepping Your Stem Loop For DJing

In part four, the final instalment in this series, we'll prep your Stem Loop production in Traktor Pro 2 to get it ready for you to drop. We'll be placing Loop points throughout chunks of the Stem Loop: Loop points are like cue points in Traktor, but this time whenever you press the hot cue button, it automatically engages a loop as well.