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1. Bonus Downloadable Material Mentioned In The Guide

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Click here to download your ZIP file. It contains all of the bonus material that is mentioned in your Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ guide (in addition to this, there’s also a bonus video and chapter in the next section). In the ZIP file you’ll find:

  1. Wedding playlists – There are three separate lists: a “no fail cocktail” list, a sample dance music playlist, and a line dances and novelty songs list. As well as song titles and artists plus additional usage notes, all tracks link directly to the iTunes store for easy purchase
  2. Sample contract and thank you letter – We’ve prepared samples for you to use as a starting point, to save you having to come up with this stuff from scratch. Use them in conjunction with the information in the guide to create professional business materials that will inspire confidence. Edit them to personalise them (and to comply with any local laws where you are, of course); they are standard Microsoft Word documents so you can alter them to get them exactly how you want them

Once again, click here for the ZIP file. Save it to your Desktop, Downloads or somewhere else on your computer, and un-ZIP it using your PC or Mac’s unarchiver to extract the folder containing the resources, which you can then open on your PDF reader or in your word processor.


2. Bonus Tuition Video & Extra “Chapter”

The author of this guide, Michael Hughes, was keen to add these resources, to get some of the most important points across and to expand on some areas of the book that he felt he could add another layer to.

i. Video

In the video, Michael clarifies some of the biggest mistakes rookies make, and shares valuable first-hand experience to help your career begin successfully. We think it helps the guide to “come to life” – and knowing what he looks like may help you to get some of his jokes, too! ;)



ii. Extra “chapter”


In this bonus “chapter”, Michael covers coming to wedding DJing from club DJing; doing wedding DJing as a hobby rather than as a business; why you shouldn’t play free gigs (and when to make an exception); and talks a little further about extra equipment (lights, sub-woofers) – among other things. Click here to download this PDF.

iii. 75-minute interview with award-winning wedding DJ Chris Laich  NEW!


Chris Laich recounts his successful career as a top-class wedding DJ, sharing secrets and giving hard-won advice to help you to raise your game and enter the top 5% of wedding DJs. It’s like a “graduate course” in wedding DJing. Click here to listen to the interview on our private SoundCloud page.


3. Industry Links and Resources

i. DJ associations

Whether you’re the “association” type of person or not, sometimes having a professional association logo on your cards can help just as much as any of these companies’ other services – and of course, getting listed in their online DJ guides may also be of benefit to you.

  • ADJA – The American Disc Jockey Association offers local chapters, a conference, discounts on record pools, insurance and web services, and other benefits to its members. It also has an online DJ directory
  • – A US association for DJs, photographers and videographers that is skewed heavily towards wedding DJs. Notable features include a free-to-join directory of wedding DJs, and if you’re stuck for further music ideas, a whole host of wedding music charts
  • NADJ – The UK-based National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) is an established organisation, that has a DJ directory and lots of local branches

ii. DJ insurance providers

Always check whether your existing insurance (or that of your venue) covers your activities or can be extended to cover your activities before you splash out on DJ insurance. That said, you’ll eventually probably want specialist insurance at some point. Here are two places to start your search:

  • DJ Insurance In Minutes – For US readers, this service can cover your gear, as well as public liability, and is fine-tuned for the needs of DJs
  • DJ Guard – Specialist UK-based DJ insurance company for gear, public liability, personal accident and even hired-in equipment

iii. Record stores and pools

Getting DJ-friendly music (ie clean/censored edits, easy-to-mix versions or even mini-mixes) either for a monthly fee or as one-off purchases can make a lot of sense. The first two services are mainstream music-heavy, and specifically meet the needs of mobile and wedding DJs; the third is best for dance hits.

  • Promo Only – Well established and widely used, they have song databases and message boards as well as music. They operate in Canada and the UK/Europe as well as the US – but you’ll have to apply by fax via a printable PDF on their website
  • Mastermix Digital – UK-based site which sells mainstream remixes, pre-mixed music, and even has a section specialising in wedding tunes and mixes, all for instant digital download. No need to join
  • Beatport – The store for dance music and remixes. Enter BONUS25 at the checkout to get 25% off all purchases until May 31. This is a special discount, only for buyers of Digital DJ Tips guides and courses

iv. Free wedding DJ videos, e-books and music lists

There is a lot of poor-quality or dated material out there on the web about wedding DJing, but there are a few resources that are excellent and that you should access immediately, or at least bookmark and get to soon. Here they are:

  • Bass is Loaded DJ YouTube Channel – Some excellent how-to videos from a long-time wedding DJ pro, Rick Whitehead. Includes instruction on setting up speakers for optimum sound, power management, placement of wireless mics, and a great trick for creating memorable first dances
  • Wedding Planning Advice – A great collection of wedding DJ marketing material you can spend hours reading — and you should. In particular, read “Don’t Hire That DJ!” which explains some of the scams and sleazy practices of some DJ companies. Be aware of them so you can assure every couple you aren’t one of “those” DJs, and assuage their pre-wedding jitters. Read “The Top 40 Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ” too, because you will get asked all of them
  • MobileBeat Top 200 Song Requests of the Year – You should have just about every song on this list. A great way to keep your music up-to-date and to stay on top of trends

v. General wedding websites

“Know your customer” is a mantra something that every business should have an obsession with. These two websites are great places to research your market and get inside the minds of brides-to-be (and grooms, but mainly brides).

  • The Knot – Huge US wedding site, part of an even bigger network of female-friendly lifestyle sites. Covers weddings from every possible angle – including a DJ directory (US states only)
  • Wedding Wire – Wedding planning site, that allows prospective newly weds to plan their weddings in every detail online or via their mobile phones – including the music

vi. Further reading

The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ was created because we felt there were no decent guides out there at all to DJing weddings using modern digital DJ gear. There is one book we want to recommend to you though, that while not being aimed only at wedding DJs, is aimed at mobile DJs in general:

  • The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook – Written by pro DJ Stacy Zemon, this is a great next-read when you go full-time pro and need advanced marketing advice (for getting into trade shows, for instance). Stacy’s Pro Mobile DJ website is worth a look, too


4. Support

For order, payment, receipt or refund support, please contact ClickBank customer service. For product assistance, you can contact us directly by email. For help with your DJing, we’d love to chat with you over on the Digital DJ Tips Forum.