[NAMM 2017] Video: Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

We got a first hands-on look at the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime here at the NAMM 2017 Media Preview Day. The SC5000 Prime is a forward-looking media player that in all honesty has to be seen to be properly understood, because the hi-res renders doing the rounds don't do justice to the build quality.

[NAMM 2017] Video: Denon DJ X1800 Prime Mixer

Accompanying the company's SC5000 Prime media player, Denon DJ has also got on show the X1800 Prime mixer. This is our first hands-on video talkthrough of the unit, from the Media Preview day here at NAMM 2017. We look closely at features and all the inputs and outputs round the back.

[NAMM 2017] Gemini SDJ-4000 All-In-One Media Player

Gemini today announced the SDJ-4000 ahead of this week's NAMM 2017 Show – a two-deck, four-channel USB DJ solution, removing the need to bring a laptop into the DJ booth. The SDJ-4000 is capable of song analysis, beat synchronised effects, sync and track search, without any prior software analysis.

[NAMM 2017] Mixars Quattro Mixer For Serato DJ

Last year from NAMM we brought you an exclusive video of the Mixars Duo scratch mixer (featuring me throwing Z-Trip off the decks to film it; all I can say is he's a very gracious man...). Here at NAMM 2017, the company is premiering an altogether more involved mixer: The Mixars Quattro.

[NAMM 2017] Gemini MAS-1 Ableton Live Controller

Ahead of NAMM 2017, Gemini today announced the MAS-1 controller, the company's first Midi controller that's targeted towards users of clip-based performance software like Ableton Live. It marks somewhat of a departure for Gemini, but maintains the company's focus on DJs as it is designed specifically for a DJ's workflow. "Traditional control solutions for software [...]

[NAMM 2017] Mixars Primo Controller For Serato DJ

Mixars - the new-kid-on-the-block Italian brand behind last year's well-received Duo scratch mixer - has just announced its first DJ controller, aheas of NAMM 2017. The Mixars Primo is a two-channel Serato DJ controller with hardware effects and a standalone mixer.

[NAMM 2017] Reloop RMX-90 DVS Serato DJ Mixer

No sooner do we set up our hotel suite office here at the NAMM 2017 Music Show in LA after a 16-hour haul from London and connect to the laughable "high speed" Hilton internet, than we see news of a brand new Serato DJ DVS mixer from our friends at Reloop: The Reloop RMX-90.