Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

Apple released its latest operating system OSX 10.11 El Capitan this week, and DJ manufacturers have warned users not to perform the update because of incompatibilities with current hardware and software. Here’s a compatibility status list of DJ software and hardware, which we’ll be updating as the patches roll out.

Launchpad Controller For Ableton Gets Coloured Pads

Novation just announced an update to its popular Launchpad grid controller for Ableton Live. The Launchpad Mk2 gets a cosmetic upgrade, borrowing the aesthetics of Novation’s Launchpad Pro, including backlit RGB pads that change colour depending on the colour of your clips in Ableton.

Musikmesse 2015: Akai Midimix Controller

Akai has released a new “faders and knobs” controller here at Musikmesse 2015. The Akai Midimix sports nine faders, 24 knobs, and 20 buttons, all Midi-mappable for control in DAW software like Ableton Live. It’s bus-powered, so you just need to connect it to your laptop’s USB port for control whether at home or on the road.

Musikmesse 2015: Novation Launchkey Midi Controller

Novation has just announced a refresh of its Launchkey series of Midi keyboard controllers here at Musikmesse 2015. The new Novation Launchkey builds on the success of the original, this time with velocity-sensitive, 16 colour RGB pads onboard. You get transport buttons and up to nine faders and eight knobs for hands-on control.

Ableton Moves Beyond The Manual & Publishes Its First Book

Ableton has just released its own book on music production called Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers. Written by sound designer and composer Dennis DeSantis, the book is a collection of tips and questions to ask yourself during the production process.

[NAMM 2015] Video: Novation Launchpad Pro Talkthrough

On show at the Novation booth here at NAMM 2015 is the company’s latest controller for Ableton Live called the Launchpad Pro. Building on the success of the much-loved Launchpad series, the Launchpad Pro retains the intuitive features and ease of use that made the previous Launchpad generations so successful.

Making Your First Tune: A Guide For DJs, Part 4

In this final tutorial, we’ll adjust the levels of the individual tracks in your production so your levels don’t go “in the red”. We’ll also add some compression plugins to your drums and bass, as well as a limiter to the mix bus. Finally, we’ll create a mixdown of your production so that you can upload and share it with friends.