Review & Video: Push For Ableton Live 9

The Ableton Push controller is currently the only controller that gets you this deep and decidedly intimate with Live 9. With all the controllers that have gone before it, none have been as ambitious or complex while retaining Live's fun factor.

The Ableton Push is a USB hardware controller designed for seamless integration with Ableton Live 9. Whether as the centrepiece of a Live music production studio or onstage as a controller for performance, triggering clips and improvisation, Ableton is clear to point out that the Push is designed as a complete hands-on solution for what is arguably electronic music’s most ubiquitous DAW today.

Musikmesse 2014: New Akai APC Controllers Talkthrough Video


I caught up with Dan from Akai to get the lowdown on the new Akai Ableton controllers, here at Musikmesse 2014. Bottom line is that if you’re thinking of starting to make beats and music rather than just playing it, these should be on your list.

Review & Video: Reloop Keypad & Keyfadr Ableton Live Controllers


Reloop’s Keypad and Keyfadr controllers for Ableton Live are a grest place for beginners to start dabbling in production, as we find out in this review.

Over To You: Is Ableton Live A Good Way To Start DJing?


Digital DJ Tips reader Adam writes: “Can a DAW like Ableton be used to digital DJ without a controller? It has effects, sampling, EQ, crossfader, and looping capabilities, but would it be an effective way to DJ before I can buy the real deal?”

Controller Clinic #25: Syncing My Controller With An Ableton DJ


Reader Biachi writes: “I am going to DJ duet with another musician that runs on Ableton Live. I want to get a DJ controller to go with my MacBook Pro and then be able to sync with Ableton Live.”

Review: Free DJ Studio App For iPad

DJ Studio provides simple Ableton-like loop triggering on the iPad, with the backing of samples from the well-known Loopmasters stable.

New in the app store is DJ Studio, a free loop-based remixing app. It’s powered by Loopmasters, the company behind the well-known DJ MixTools stems, who have provided the high-quality loops and samples it comes with, and which are a bit part of its attraction.

Your Questions: I’m Torn Between Traktor and Ableton Live

The Faderfox Micromodul FT3: It works with both Traktor and Ableton Live - but it won't solve your software problems single-handedly.

Digital DJ Tips reader Chris ” aka Spec4 writes: “I have a problem. I am torn between using Traktor and Ableton Live.”