American DJ Releases Compact Jelly Gressor Light Effect

ADJ Jelly

ADJ just launched a new model in its ADJ Startec Series called the Jelly Gressor. It’s a two-in-one “moonflower” lighting effect that emits light beams from its six LEDs apart from the glow coming from the Jelly Gressor’s transparent plastic case. It’s suitable for mobile DJs and for jocks who need to bring some extra lighting to shows.

[Video] Musikmesse/PLS 2015: American DJ 5P/12P Hex & Dotz Par 100


Here at Musikmesse 2015 (or technically, this part is in the sister Pro Light & Sound Show), we saw these three new LED units from American DJ that offer the kind of features, flexibility and power (plus great price/function ratio) unheard of in the old days before LED lighting. Take a look at what they can do in this video talkthrough…

Review & Video: American DJ Dotz TPar Lighting System


If you’re a DJ who wants to play out, but isn’t exclusively targeting club gigs where you just “turn up and play”, then having your own gear is a definite advantage. For your first lighting purchase, you could do a lot worse than something like the American DJ Dotz TPar system, which we review today.

Musikmesse 2014: American DJ Dotz Lighting Talkthrough


With chip-on-board super-bright LEDs providing awesome power, control and differentiation between their myriad colours, the American DJ Dotz units are a lot of brightness for your buck.

ADJ Jelly Cosmos Ball Puts New Spin On Old School Lighting


Rotating balls that shoot coloured beams in all directions have long been a mainstay of club/DJ lighting effects. ADJ’s new Jelly Cosmos Ball puts a “new spin” on this concept.

Review & Video: American DJ Inno Color Beam 12 LED Light


I was intrigued by the American DJ Inno Color Beam 12, a “moving head”-style of light that employs modern LED technology. Here’s our review.

Review & Video: American DJ Mega Go Bar 50 LED Lighting Unit


With the advent of cheap, lightweight LED-based mobile lighting, more and more DJs (of all types) are deciding to take the plunge and add some lighting to their digital DJ set-ups, and the American DJ Mega Go Bar 50 is exactly the kind of lighting that will appeal to this market.