7 Rules For Great DJ Sound Quality

More than ever, it’s important to understand what’s involved, in order to strive to deliver a clean signal when you’re DJing or producing music. That’s what these 7 Rules For Great DJ Sound Quality are designed to help you with.

Over To You: Why Does My Digital Gear Sound Worse Than CDJs?

Digital DJ Tips reader Andrew Potter writes: “I have recently been doing some gigs on Wednesday evening here in Tokyo. Every time I play my digital set up through the club’s system, and then compare sound quality from that of the DJs using the clubs CDJs, I notice a perceivable difference."

Your Questions: What Are VBR MP3s?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Eledamiri writes: “I was watching your video about digital music quality the other day and then I wondered what exactly variable bitrate (VBR) is? Every now and then I encounter files with 205 VBR, 240 VBR and so, especially when I download DJ sets from SoundCloud."