Review & Video: The Basslet Wearable Subwoofer

The Basslet is a silent subwoofer you wear like a watch. Think about it like a rumble pack for a games controller, but for your musical pleasure. Everyone I spoke to about it (including myself) said that it sounds too good to be true, so let's find out in review if it is...

Is It A Minimal Watch? No, It's A Subwoofer Called Basslet

This is something we immediately dismissed as ridiculous. It is a tiny wrist-worn device that fools your body into thinking it is, in fact, a subwoofer. Nah, we thought. But then things start to pile up. A good friend leaves an established music company to join the company that makes this. Another CEO of an equally large company shows me one excitedly, saying "you gotta try it". I an suddenly intrigued.

Kickstarter: Basslet, A Subwoofer On Your Wrist

An intriguing Kickstarter campaign called Basslet just launched: it's a subwoofer that you wear like a watch, giving you that "thumping" impression you feel when you're stood next to a bass bin, albeit on your wrist. When you listen to music, it vibrates to transmit low end to your body.