How To Make A DJ Emergency Pack

Make a DJ Emergency Pack filled with adapters and jacks just this once, and you'll never have to think about it again. It's one of the most basic yet powerful ways to ensure that the technical side of your gig gets covered.

Your Questions: Is My Music Taste Too Varied To Be A DJ?

Our reader writes: "I have never mixed music before and worry that my taste in music will hinder my abilities to properly learn to do so. Do you have any suggestions for a true beginner?"

Your Questions: How Can I Practise DJing On Really Basic Gear?

Our reader writes: "I feel I don’t have the ability to do much due to the limited options on my controller, and I just dont have the money to buy something that will give me the options I want. Can you advise?"

9 Tips For Success At Your First DJ Gig

Your palms are sweating and your heart is racing. You could cut the nervous tension with a knife. The club is full of expectant people who all want to see what you can do. All eyes are on you as you step behind the decks and prepare to pull off what just a short while ago might have seemed impossible to you.

Over To You: How Do I Find Songs That Go Well Together?

Digital DJ Tips reader Robert writes: “Was curious as I’m trying to get a better grasp of DJing. Is there a method you use when grouping songs together to play, to make sure they go together?"

Your Questions: How Do I Mix Four Decks On A Two-Deck Controller?

Digital DJ Tips Read DJ Rekka writes: “Where DJ software has four decks but a DJ controller has only two jogwheels/pitch faders (which seems to be the case even if it has four sets of channel faders), what happens when you slow one deck down all the way with the pitch fader, then switch to another?"

Over To You: How Can I DJ The Music I Love?

"How can I DJ the music I love?" wonders our reader, Steven. He wants to find gigs where he can spin the music he's passionate about, and needs some help.