Your Questions: Can I Remix Any Song I Like For DJ Use?

Remix DJs

Our reader writes: “Are there are restrictions to remix songs without the knowledge of the singer / composer, etc of that song, and doing something to get permission? Or are DJs free to remix any songs they like?”

New UK Copyright Law May Kill Unpopular Digital DJ Licence

The ProDub licence: not surprisingly, not a major hit among digital DJs.

Recommendations published today that are likely to become law in the UK mean that consumers will be allowed to enjoy purchased music in any format they wish, which could spell the end of the unpopular “ProDub” digital DJ licence.

What YouTube Says About DJ Mashups


While it plays like a daytime kid’s cartoon, this video lays out clearly YouTube’s policy when it comes to copyrighted material being used in content carried on the site. If you’ve ever uploaded a mashup or re-edit of a track for promotion purposes to YouTube, and wondered if what you’re doing is legal or not, you’ll find out by watching this.