Controller Clinic #18: Can I DJ Weddings & Bars With The Novation Twitch?

Digital DJ Tips reader Scott writes: “I am looking at purchasing my first controller. I would like to get out there and DJ to a crowd ASAP – maybe even bars and weddings, as I love music although it would be useful to make some extra cash. My dilemma is that I like the idea of the Novation Twitch and its features but I am concerned that this may not be as applicable to the type of crowds I hope to entertain.

Controller Clinic #2: Traktor Kontrol S2 vs Denon DJ MC3000

Reader Nhan Nguyen writes: “I am not too sure which controller to settle on. I’ve considered a few (I wanted the Pioneer ERGO-V but I’ve concluded it’s too much of a toy). So it’s now Traktor Kontrol S2 vs Denon DJ MC3000.