Review & Video: Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Media Player

Rarely has a new product resulted in so much excitement than Denon DJ's SC5000 Prime media player. Can it really mount a meaningful challenge to Pioneer in the pro DJ booth? With superstar jocks take to it? And is it as powerful, feature-wise, as Denon DJ claims? We've finally had time to spend some time with a full Prime set-up. Here's our review.

Tiësto Switches To Denon DJ Prime On Worldwide Launch Day

Denon DJ just signalled its unmistakeable intent for its new Prime series of pro DJ gear on global launch day, by announcing the brand's latest endorser, one of the biggest DJs in the world: Tiësto. The superstar dance music icon has "changed his rider" to include the SC5000 Prime media player and the XP1800 Prime mixer.

Denon DJ Launches Engine Prime Music Management App

Denon DJ just launched Engine Prime, a brand new music library management software that lets you manage your songs, create playlists, and then export them from your computer to a USB stick for use with the new SC5000 Prime media player.

Paul Oakenfold Takes Controller DJing To Everest

Well, we've always said that controllers help DJs to play gigs in places where other DJ gear just can't reach, but trust veteran superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold to take the concept to its logical extreme, with a gig today at Everest's base camp. He spent 10 days walking to Everest base camp, with animals and sherpas carrying the DJ gear.

Laidback Luke: "I Don't See Myself As A Real DJ..."

In this exclusive interview with Laidback Luke, the hugely successful Dutch DJ talks to us here at Digital DJ Tips about his career, about his daily routines, interests outside of DJing, and what he thinks young/new DJs and producers sometimes get wrong. He also explains his decision to switch to the new Denon DJ gear after a decade of playing on CDJs his gigs.

Laidback Luke Backs New Denon DJ Pro Gear

Laidback Luke has publicly backed Denon DJ's new Prime series of pro DJ gear, by officially becoming a "brand ambassador" of the new range of equipment, comprising the SC5000 state-of-the-art media player, X1800 pro mixer, VL12 turntable and new Prime record library software solution.

Denon DJ Moves To Reassure MCX8000 Buyers Over Software Changes

Owners of Denon DJ's flagship MCX8000 controller need not worry that they'll be left behind as the company develops its Engine software platform for its latest SC5000 Prime media player, we have been told. The reassurance follows disquiet among MCX8000 owners since Engine Prime was announced as not compatible with their units.