DJ Player 5.5: DVS Arrives For iPad By Christmas

Rapidly becoming the iOS power user’s DJ software of choice, DJ Player is about to cement that position with the imminent release of v5.5, which brings digital vinyl control to users of the software on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Your Questions: I'm Tired Of Burning CDs For DJing. What Should I Do?

Reader Torino187 writes: “I have a CDJ / DJM350 set-up. I use USB sticks when I practise at home, but find that most gigs I play at don’t have USB capability, as they tend to have CDJ200s. At the moment I’ve started ripping disks because of my venues and this is a hassle."

Over To You: Switching Between Different Digital Vinyl Systems

Reader The Leetenant writes: “What tips do you have to make a smooth transition between DJs at an event where all of the DJs use a virtual vinyl set up, but one guy might have Serato Scratch and the next guy uses Traktor Scratch or Torq?"