Masterguide: Know Your DJ Cables

DJ cables are hardly the most glamorous part of your set-up but without them, nothing works. There's a confusing array of plugs and cables to deal with in a typical set-up, and many DJs (experienced or not) have no idea where to start. In this guide, we will cover all the cables you are most likely to come across while DJing.

[BPM|PRO 2016] Roland DJ-808 Controller For Serato DJ

The new Roland DJ-808 for Serato DJ has just been announced ahead of this week's BPM|PRO 2016 DJ show. It's a four-channel controller that comes with an integrated 16-step drum sequencer loaded with sounds from iconic Roland drum machines like the 606, 707, 808, and 909.

Review & Video: Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 Controller

Just over a week ago, Hercules released the new DJControl Instinct P8 - it now features eight pads (hence the “P8” in the name), and seems to conform to the more contemporary idea of what a DJ controller looks like while retaining the small form factor. Is it any good for beginners? We find out…

Get A Slice Of The Action With This DJ Controller Pizza Box

Pizza Hut has announced a limited edition DJ controller built into a pizza box. It syncs via Bluetooth to your laptop or smartphone and works with DJ software including Serato, letting you control two decks and a mixer by simply touching the cardboard controls printed on the box itself.

Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 Launched

Hercules just launched its the Hercules DJControl Instinct P8, an updated version of its DJControl Instinct controller. It's a compact, two-channel controller with jogwheels and performance pads, and is meant to be used with the supplied DJUCED 40 software. It also comes with its own audio interface onboard.

Win A Denon DJ MCX8000 In Our Free Draw

Want to be one of the very first to get your hands on a brand-new Denon DJ MCX8000 standalone Engine/Serato DJ controller worth $1299? Get your name in our FREE prize draw and grab your chance to do exactly that, courtesy of the nice folks over at Denon DJ. It's quick and easy to enter, and someone's got to win it...

BPM 2015: Hercules DJ Control Compact Talkthrough Video

We spotted a tiny little controller here at the Hercules stand, and it's the two-channel DJ Control Compact controller. It's meant to be used with the company's DJuced 18° software, and features two small jogwheels with four pads for each deck, two-band EQ, volume knobs and a crossfader. It's not got an audio interface onboard, so you'll need to use it with an audio interface or splitter cable.