Review & Video: Gemini G4V DJ Controller


The Gemini G4V and G2V are the latest brace of digital DJ controllers from this long-established company. Certainly on the face of it, these two controllers appear to be Gemini’s best efforts to date by quite a long way.

5 Reasons To Read Your DJ Gear Manual


I know it’s boring, and it feels like work – but reading the manual is important, especially when it comes to complicated DJ gear and software. Here’s why:

Virtual DJ 7.3 Released


Virtual DJ 7.3 is released today and adds improved sound quality, better EQ and more responsive jogwheel control.

Review & Video: DJ Player v5 For iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch


Full review of DJ Player v5.0 for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch), including a detailed look at its Midi mapping and audio capabilities.

Review & Video: Hercules DJ Console RMX2 Controller


In-depth review of the Hercules DJ Console RMX2, looking at the hardware and the supplied software. Plus a video talkthrough.

Stanton Adds Hot Cues & Other Improvements To SCS.4DJ

Stanton SCS.4DJ

Owners of the bold, laptop-free Stanton SCS.4DJ controller will be pleased to hear that the company has announced a firmware upgrade that fixes some issues with the unit and delivers a number of long-requested features.

Review & Video: Magma Control Stand

Designed for larger-sized DJ controllers plus a laptop of any size, the Magma Control Stand is a good solution for semi-permanent installation.

Stands are pretty much the same, aren’t they? A platform for your laptop or controller, and maybe a little shelf for an audio interface, if you’ve bought a posh one. The differences are really down to quality. right? Well, not always. One stand that bucks the trend is the Magma Control Stand.