Roundup: 5 Best Starter DJ Controllers

In this article, we look at five of the best starter DJ controllers for casual / leisure use - anywhere from a dorm room or house party, to Sunday barbecues and DJing on-the-go. These fun controllers all fall under US$300, so they also make decent controllers for beginners or those wanting to see if digital DJing is for them.

7 Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Controller Scratching

So you can't scratch properly on DJ controllers? Those jogwheels are too small, the feeling just isn't right? You simply have to use real vinyl, or it's not worth it? Take a look at these seven videos, that might just change your mind...

5 Reasons Why I Went Back To Controllers From CDJs

I experimented with going the CDJ / USB sticks route for a few gigs recently, and contrary to the whole “one day I’ll play on CDJs” idea, using this set-up felt like moving backwards, not forwards. Here are the five reasons why I went back to a laptop and DJ controller.

Review & Video: Numark NS7III Serato DJ Controller

The Numark NS7III is the latest incarnation of a truly special line of DJ controllers. The NS7 was the ultimate digital take on "two decks and a mixer". The NS7II went all controllerism on us, with Akai Pro pads, four decks and a whole host of digital developments. Now, with the NS7III, onboard screens have arrived.

Your Questions: Are DJ Controllers Reliable?

Member Mat writes: "I am new to DJ controllers, but not new to DJing. In the past I have DJed several wedding and school dances, using just a laptop, plugged into a mixer, into speakers. My wife and I have been endlessly researching into controllers, however according to reviews of several controllers, they sound a bit unreliable."

Controllers In Clubs: The State Of Play In 2015

A year ago, we ran a story about how a club promoter refused point blank to allow a controller DJ to play at their venue, and we asked for your experiences. We got a massive range of responses, from "you gotta use the gear provided", to "anything goes nowadays"...

Numark NV Heralds Next Generation Of DJ Controllers

Numark has today announced the Numark NV for Serato DJ, the first of what we've been predicting since last year will be the next big wave of digital DJ controllers: Devices with high-quality colour displays built in, to show all critical information and leave the digital DJ free to play without ever looking at a laptop.